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This Blog

I always wanted to be a mom. Ever since I can remember, I longed for this glorious day when I would be a parent. Then it happened, and nothing went as planned.


Here’s a peek into my heart for parenting well:

From “When my dreams met reality” …

While our boys have been a delight, and I have loved them long before I laid eyes on them, parenting has been so much harder than I ever would have anticipated! Why didn’t anyone tell me parenting was going to be a painful, tiring and overwhelming journey? … This blog is intended to give you a glimpse into our world and family life. I want to share with you how we use the Life Model Works relational skills to navigate the day-to-day journey of marriage and family life. My husband and I are far from perfect. However, my hope is that sharing our struggles and successes will encourage you. As we demonstrate some of the skills in our stories, my prayer is that we can encourage and guide you with some additional tools that will bless and refresh you on your parenting journey.

The Courseys

Chris and Jen Coursey lead the Thrive Training Institute, which leverages the Life Model Works exercises to teach people relational skills that bring joy, hope, healing, maturity and resiliency. They are parents to two active boys, Matthew and Andrew. 

Chris is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, published author, and international speaker. 

Jen is a teacher, Thrive Training facilitator, author, and synchronized dance instructor.

Related Ministries

Joyful, healthy relationships require something that words and will alone cannot achieve. We desire to experience fruitful life-change for ourselves, our families, our churches & communities, and even our entire generations. Yet often our desire for this exceeds our ability to achieve it.  

Thrive Training exists for people who want more.

Thrive Training builds essential skills that even the best families may miss or overlook. Many years of careful research about how the brain is trained, alongside study of God’s way of life, has identified 19 essential skills for joy-filled relationships.

In partnership with Life Model Works, Thrive Training provides hands-on experiences and resources to master these crucial 19 skills. Opportunities include:

  • Joy Rekindled 2-day weekend marriage retreats
  • True Identity  2-3 day workshops for churches and groups
  • Thrive  our 5-day signature training intensive

Relational skills practiced with people and with God bring personal and corporate transformation.