Transforming Fellowship

Relational brain skills change our lives and transform our relationships. Learn the 19 critical relational skills needed for resilience, peace and joy in every family and community. The Bible and brain science combine to show us active solutions we ordinarily overlook for personal and corporate transformation. Transforming Fellowship tackles the central issue that is destroying the credibility of the Western Church. Our fellowship lacks the transforming power Jesus intended. Through Transforming Fellowship we each actively contribute part of Christ’s character to one another. How we think, live and react changes at a basic brain level. Transforming Fellowship develops both deep love and relational skills. Transforming Fellowship is as deeply spiritual as it is practical.


Share Immanuel

This 21 page, full color booklet is the simple and attractive way to share Immanuel healing with others. Share Immanuel is illustrated with flowers, thorns and personal examples that guide you through the three simple stages of an Immanuel healing experience. You learn the best way to prepare, interact with God for healing and then retrain how your mind thinks. Most prayer ministry training teaches only the interaction with God and little if any about the best ways to prepare. As far as we know, Share Immanuel is the only guide that includes how to retrain your mind to apply the healing to your life. And yet, Share Immanuel is simple and as enjoyable as giving hospitality to your friends. This booklet includes a guide to sources, resources and problem solving. Share Immanuel is used in the Thriving Recover Your Life module called Healing. You do not need to be a leader or counselor to Share Immanuel with the people you like and love just share what has changed your life!


30 Days of Joy: for busy married couples

Joy starts here, with you. You are designed for joy. Joy is God’s gift to you. Joy moves your marriage to reach its full potential. Joy changes everything. Chris and Jen Coursey created the new Thirty Days of JOY handbook so that busy married couples thrive. If you are like most married couples, your plate is full. Your calendar is booked. Your to-do list is long. Somewhere in the middle of all the hurry and flurry many couples feel their marriage has lost some flavor. This wasn’t planned, but joy levels are not what you want or dreamed they would be. Whatever your situation, this interactive handbook is designed for fifteen minutes of practice each day. Every exercise uses elements of Life Model Works brain and character skills, the Immanuel Lifestyle and more to transform your marriage. Each exercise contains instructions, bonus questions, Chris and Jen’s thoughts and additional resources. After practicing the exercises the Coursey’s concluded, “We must do this again!”


Joy Starts Here

Joy is a banquet table to which we are all invited. The places are set, and the table is filled with the delightful aroma that satisfies our deepest longing for life-giving connections with God and with others. There is room at this table for everyone; young and old, weak or strong. So pull up a chair, we’ve been waiting for you! Jim Wilder, Ed Khouri, Chris Coursey, and Shelia Sutton guide us through the journey to joy. This is the real joy you’ve been seeking. The solutions and exercises in this book will teach you the essential skills needed to restore and grow joy with those around you. Join the beginning of a joyful revolution that can change your life, your community and the world. Get ready…Joy Starts Here.


Thrive-at-Home Online Courses

We have combined the Thrive DVD Lectures and the Thrive-at-Home videos into one online application! Discover the revolutionary theory behind the hands-on THRIVE Training from Dr. Jim Wilder. Along the way, you’ll  learn and apply the theory from the comfort of your own home with the help of Chris Coursey.

Whether you plan to attend THRIVE now or later, you can enroll in the courses to learn and apply this profound material to your life and relationships.