Relational Ambassadors

– We Need Your Help to Grow Relational Living – 

What is the Ambassador Program?

The THRIVEtoday Relational Ambassador program is designed to be a support system for those who feel passionate
about spreading the relational skills throughout their networks and communities. We would love for you to be a part of this.
Scroll down to see the perks as well as what we ask of our Relational Ambassadors.

What are the benefits of becoming an Ambassador?

Welcome Packet

Articles and Videos on the 19 Relational Skills

Special Discounts on Resources and Events

Access to Private Facebook Group 

Monthly Newsletter with Encouragement, Testimonials, and more!

What is the role of the THRIVEtoday Ambassador?

Promote THRIVEtoday in the avenues in front of you like your church, ministry, small groups, community, etc.

Continue learning, applying and practicing the 19 Relational Skills making this real and an active part of your daily life.

Consider running a small group (in person or online) or hosting a live local THRIVEtoday event (True Identity, Thriving Marriage, etc.).

Seek to attend one THRIVE Training in person or one online training per year and inviting those in your sphere of influence.

Intentionally share and forward THRIVEtoday’s emails; promos, skill thoughts, and blog posts with your friends, family, church, ministry, and community.

These are just a few things it is like our THRIVEtoday Ambassadors to do.  Together let us commit to doing several of these things on the list each year to get the word out about the life-changing 19 Relational Skills.   

We won’t be giving a test or following your progress as you will be working behind the scenes on an honor system.  However, as you seek to support us in the above tasks, please share the things happening in your circle on the Ambassadors Facebook page.

Ambassador’s, thank you for seeking to share these life-giving skills with others!  We look forward to hearing from each of you soon.



Join us and spread relational skills throughout your community!

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