This is a stressful season for all of us: pandemics, politics, not to mention the tensions and challenges we face in our own homes!


$49/household before Oct. 1

$59/household after Oct. 1

THRIVEtoday’s President, Chris Coursey, has the answer to breathing and coming out the other side of these difficult and stressful times. Join us for an afternoon as he shares critical insight into how our brains function in times of crisis and what to do about it. You will have the opportunity to practice skills to help you build resilience and relational health no matter what your circumstances.



Saturday, October 17

1pm-5pm EST


Session 1: Enhancing your brain’s relational engine
1pm-1:55pm Eastern
Learn how to find, and stay in, your relational sweet spot.
1:55pm-2pm Eastern
Session 2: CARS bring us together
2pm-2:55pm Eastern
In this session you will discover simple tools for building relational connection, even in stressful times.
Session 3: Packaged joy fuels our relational engine
3pm-3:55pm Eastern
Thinking about the good stuffs in life spreads to good stuff. In this session we will look at when we can spread it and when we can’t.
Session 4: Rest supercharges our relational engine
4pm-5pm Eastern
Learn what it means to rest and how this impacts your relational capacity. Chris will also share the 5 relationship busters that hinder relational living.


The comfort of your own home! 


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