Bring Thrive to you

Host a Relational Skills Training for Your Community

Bring Thrive to Your community

The THRIVEtoday True Identity Event will equip your group with skills that help your brain work the way God designed it to work; in joy! When your brain is fueled by relational joy, you recover quickly from difficult emotions, have more resiliency, faithfulness, integrity, confidence, gentleness, and security. This event will help you grow godly character through fun, interactive training, resetting your nervous system and changing the way you think and feel. The True Identity Event combines neuroscience and theology with exercises designed to transform your life into a new normal of joy and peace.

Bring Thrive to your marriage

The key to a thriving marriage is becoming a relationally skilled couple. Experience the training that takes you farther down the road than good intentions, inspiring messages or wishful thinking. THRIVEtoday’s training improves your communication, enhances your connection, removes painful patterns, and increases joy and intimacy. Whether you’ve been married a few years or fifty, there is great value in building skills for your marriage relationship.

bring The Skills to you

THRIVEtoday’s Relational Skills Training can come to you! We have designed two unique skill-building events to help your relationships thrive. Learning new skills requires time, interaction, and practice. While we wish all of us could learn new relational skills by reading a book or watching a video, this is not how God designed the fast-track wiring of your brain. Much like going to the gym to exercise, brain skills are learned using hands-on exercises in shared states of joy and rest. To ensure you and those in your community have the opportunity to learn these skills and start building them into your relationships, all you need to do is bring our premier 5 day training THRIVE to you.