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Heather and her husband, Scotty, have spent the last 34 years serving globally with Youth With a Mission in India, Cyprus and Thailand. Besides homeschooling and launching 3 amazing children, she has worked with the poor and marginalized and has facilitated restorative retreats for women. Currently, Heather teaches movement, is writing a children’s book and spends her days spreading relational joy. She first learned of Thrive training while participating in a Journey Group. 

At the end of Thrive Training Track 1 my friend and I were chatting. We discussed all the details of the week – the time commitment, content and financial investment. Neither of us could deny the enormous value that was offered in the week. Unfortunately we both felt the weight of the financial investment.

Our conversation took us into the evening. The week was intense with practice, yet filled us with a joy that neither of us had known before. As I got ready for bed, I talked to Immanuel. I reminded him of my conversation with my friend and I shared with him my concern for finances in the future. I drifted off to sleep enveloped with low joy peace and slept well. I woke the next morning with the sunshine and a cool Colorado breeze drifting into the window.

As I sat up, I heard in that still small voice say, “buy the field”.

Puzzled, I questioned, buy the field? My next thought took me to the passage in Matthew 13:44. As I read it, I heard, “Heather, the treasure is JOY – now buy the field. It is worth the investment”.

I promptly shared with my friend what I sensed God was saying. I no longer wanted to entertain that scarcity mentality. In that moment, I moved through the fear and settled into a secure sense that He would make a way. The more I commit to learning, the more I am convinced that the field is worth the investment.

As I dig in, the treasure of JOY is discovered. I am growing in joy and the transformation is amazing.

With eager anticipation, my friend and I are currently preparing for Thrive Training Track 2. WHY? Because it is worth doing whatever you can to ‘buy the field’ – the treasure of JOY is life changing. I am so grateful to Chris and Jen Coursey for all they have done and continue to do, to provide Thrive Training. These relational skills are so necessary! And as Chris says, “don’t keep the good stuff to yourself”.

‘Buy the field’ and join us for Thrive Training in Denver October 2022. It is worth the investment. HE will provide!

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