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Purposeful Pausing this HolIday Season

Megan Noorman Dimmer is an alumni staff member of THRIVEtoday. Megan is a single mom of four year old twins. Megan is passionate about utilizing brain science and relational skills to create authentic connections in her family, community, and in business. Practicing and teaching the skills has changed everything for how Megan understands interacting within her relationship with other people and with the divine. In marketing, preparing for the Christmas season can always seem chaotic and challenging- it is the[...]

Learn from the Trees

Amy Brown is a relational skills trainer with THRIVEtoday, Journey Group Director with Deeper Walk, and Director of Development with Alive & Well. Amy co-wrote Relational Skills in the Bible with Chris Coursey, as well as the Journey Group curriculum. Her heart is to see people connect deeply with Jesus in a way that displays His beauty and love.  In The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate, former forester Peter Wohlleben shares what he has learned from 20 years of managing a fore[...]

End of Year Giving Tips

Jeff Newburn is a Certified Financial Planner® and Treasurer of THRIVEtoday. [Updated December 2022] THRIVEtoday is a non-profit ministry, and as such we rely heavily on the generous donations of others, especially those who have been blessed by our ministry. Might God be putting this on your heart? This time of year, many of us consider year-end giving.As you pray about this, here are some things you may want to consider:Cash DonationsThis is a difficult economic season for some people due to high inflation a[...]

Immanuel Joy: Calming our Anxieties

This exercise is designed to increase joy and generate feelings of peace. Thinking about the good stuff helps you feel peaceful and relational. Once relational, you remember special “God moments” from your life then interact with Immanuel.The goal is to remember the good stuff, feel the good stuff, then share the good stuff with others. Learn more about this 3-step sequence in the Share Immanuel booklet with Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris M. Coursey as well as in The Joy Switch by Chris.1. Packaged Joy: Set a timer f[...]

Simple Skills To Elevate Your Small Group

Chris Coursey is founder and president of THRIVEtoday. See more of Chris' online features such as podcasts and guest blogs here. My friend Amy Brown and I recently wrote a book called Brain Skills In The Bible. One of the goals of this resource is to utilize small groups as the “soil” where people can learn and practice crucial relational brain skills. Adding Relational Protein To Your Small Group Diet was my topic for an event hosted by Life Model Works, so these thoughts are on my mind at the moment. Let[...]

The Gold Inside God Wants You to Find

When I (Chris Coursey) was two years old, I started having painful, debilitating ear infections. These were no ordinary ear infections. These were crippling ear infections that kept me up many nights in an inconsolable state. Now that I am a father to young boys, I can appreciate what my parents must have endured watching their son in this shape! Two surgeries and three years later, I finally found relief.   One of the consequences of my ear infections was the inability to hear what people were saying. Sounds wer[...]

Flames of Fury

The other day Chris and I had a couple of interactions that did not go smoothly. Ok, this is an understatement. I walked away from them feeling FURIOUS. I felt boiling mad… imagine steam coming out of my ears!I tried to calm down, but it wasn’t working like usual. Thankfully, the kids were not around at the time so I opted for a little alone time and talked with Jesus about my big feelings. As I interacted with Him, the intensity of my feelings did not lessen like they usually do. However, I began to realize th[...]