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Skill Theory and Reflection

Intervening Where Your Brain Is Stuck

The line of traffic was as long as the eye could see. Cars were slowly inching along, and impatient drivers were in a hurry to get nowhere fast. About the time I was regretting drinking that Venti iced coffee my son began sobbing from the backseat. He told us his head hurt. "Buddy, you are dehydrated," we said. "Drink more water." My wife turned toward the backseat to check on him. I looked for an exit, to no avail. All I could see were bumpers and lines of cars. My wife and I were growing concerned. While doing[...]

Anniversary Fun

By Jen Coursey- Founder and Author of Thriving Mama's Blog and Executive Director of THRIVEtoday.  I was standing at a recent conference, behind our resource table, selling books when an attendee began asking questions about our 30 Days of Joy for Busy Married Couples book. It came up in our conversation that Chris and my anniversary was the next day and the attendee’s eyes grew wide and asked, “So what are the authors of the joyful marriage books doing for their anniversary?” I chuckled and responded th[...]

Year-End Giving Tips from THRIVEtoday

By Jeff Newburn, Certified Financial Planner® and Treasurer of THRIVEtoday THRIVEtoday is a non-profit ministry, and as such we rely heavily on the generous donations of others, especially those who have been blessed by our ministry.  Might God be putting this on your heart? This time of year, many of us consider year-end giving.  As you pray about this, here are some things you may want to consider. Originally Posted On December, 2020 Cash Donations The economic consequences of COVID-19 have been v[...]

Skill 0 – The Joy Switch

I remember the time my wife Jen was holding our screaming son when he was a baby. His brother grabbed his favorite toy, and he was having none of that. He lost it. He was crying loudly. This was a magnificent tantrum! Jen quickly offered comfort by pointing out the toy he thought was gone was already returned and within reach. If only he would open his eyes to see what was happening! Jen’s words did not resolve our son’s distress.  If we could scan the two brains in this interaction, we would see an intri[...]

Narcissism and Healthy Shame

Michel Hendricks is a co-author with Jim Wilder of The Other Half of Church. He helps churches and ministries bring the transformation of character back into the center of what they do. Originally Posted on December, 2020. Our brains are designed to metabolize emotions. Shame is one of the six big emotions with dedicated neurological circuitry (that is, sadness, anger, fear, shame, hopeless despair, disgust). In the healthy case, shame gets digested through relational attachments—through hesed. For exa[...]

Stories that Build Our Brains

Written by  Amy Hamilton Brown, relational skills trainer with THRIVEtoday, Journey Group Director with Deeper Walk, and Director of Development with Alive & Well. Amy wrote Relational Skills in the Bible with Chris Coursey, as well as the Journey Group curriculum. Her heart is to see people connect deeply with Jesus in a way that displays His beauty and love. One day my daughter Olivia was telling me a very involved story about her day at work; it seemed she had felt every known emotion and encountered[...]