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Maturity is a term we’ve all heard at some point in our lives, but the word “mature” may bring up very different pictures in our minds, from gray hairs, to teens going through puberty, to the completion of a loan, to acting “grown up”. The Life Model defines it this way “Maturity is about reaching […]

When You Know You’re Right… But You’re Wrong

Can you recall a time when you just “knew” you were right, only to discover that in fact, you were mistaken? It’s a bit embarrassing, isn’t it? I’ve had this happen to me many times. Just a few weeks ago I confidently corrected someone on something, only to discover later that day that I was […]

Return To Joy

To feel emotions is to be human. Unfortunately, the ability to face what we feel without fear, enter into those feelings, and come out the other side is a lost art. Some of us are experts at avoiding and dismissing emotions, while others of us tend to get pulled out to sea by what we […]


In marketing, preparing for the Christmas season can always seem chaotic and challenging – it is the time of consumption and sales and getting the final word out before the end of the year. I am in charge of flooding the world with more during this time of year, asking for more relational action from […]

Skill Thought

Trust God from the bottom of your heart;    don’t try to figure out everything on your own.Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;    he’s the one who will keep you on track.Proverbs 3:5-6 MSG I’ve had some interesting conversations with friends about trust recently, specifically about trusting God. In uncertain times, we are […]


My friend Dr. Marcus Warner and I have been talking a lot about our new book, The 4 Habits Of Joy-Filled Marriages. One of the points we keep bringing up is this: All of us decide to marry our spouse because we believe we will have more joy together than apart. Yet, somehow, our joy […]

Relational Skills For The Holidays

Amy Brown is a relational skills trainer with THRIVEtoday. She is also a Journey Group Director and Director of Development with Alive & Well. Amy co-wrote Relational Skills in the Bible with Chris Coursey, as well as the Journey Group curriculum. Her heart is to see people connect deeply with Jesus in a way that displays His […]

Make Appreciation Your Superpower

Movies with heroes who swoop in to save the day are increasingly popular. Just last year 7 of the 11 top-grossing films involved a superhero, and comic books focusing on heroes are some of the most consumed stories in human history. [1] Millions of people enjoy watching someone with some special power or ability show […]


The line of traffic was as long as the eye could see. Cars were slowly inching along, and impatient drivers were in a hurry to get nowhere fast. About the time I was regretting drinking that Venti iced coffee my son began sobbing from the backseat. He told us his head hurt. “Buddy, you are […]

Anniversary Fun

I was standing at a recent conference, behind our resource table, selling books when an attendee began asking questions about our 30 Days of Joy for Busy Married Couples book. It came up in our conversation that Chris and my anniversary was the next day and the attendee’s eyes grew wide and asked, “So what […]