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Enjoy this free exercise from our Skill 0 Habit Builder Course!

This sample was created as a gift to show our appreciation for you as a THRIVEtoday giver! Donors helped make the creation of our online courses possible, so we hope you enjoy seeing some of the fruit of your generosity. We also hope this is a helpful tool in your own life and as you spread relational skills to others in your sphere of influence. 

How to use this resource:

1. Download and review the Course Sample PDF:

2. Watch Chris Coursey’s instructional video:

3. Go through the exercise on your own using the PDF.

4. Watch Chris Coursey’s coaching video, to help you go deeper with the exercise:

5. Go through the exercise again using Chris’ tips and suggestions. 

If you want to give feedback, email and let us know how this resource worked for you!

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