Meet the Courseys

Chris and Jen Coursey lead and design the THRIVE Training program that uses brain-based exercises to train leaders, families, and communities in the 19 relational skills and the Immanuel Lifestyle.

Chris is an ordained minister, pastoral counselor, published author and international speaker. Jen is a teacher, blogger, THRIVE trainer and synchronized dance instructor.

By the grace of God, Chris and Jen have been transformed by the 19 relational brain skills and the interactive Immanuel Lifestyle. Because of the profound transformation of their character and relationship, they want the world to hear what God has done in their lives and what God can do to help others.

Chris and Jen have two boys, Matthew and Andrew.

We are passionate about helping people acquire the skills to make relationships work!

More about Chris

For over 20 years Chris has been testing, creating and practicing brain-based solutions to make relationships work. While Chris is highly motivated to develop practical resources, Chris enjoys spending time with Jen and their two sons, Matthew and Andrew. The Coursey’s enthusiastically pass on the skills they missed growing up to their sons.

In addition to building joy on the home front, Chris spends most of his time teaching, training, developing materials, fostering relationships, exercising and equipping God’s people to mature, so they live according to their faith and values.

Chris is a published author with seven books in print including his latest, Transforming Fellowship: 19 Brain Skills That Build Joyful Community which is now translated into Korean. Chris travels the world equipping couples, ministry leaders, and churches in relational brain skills.

Chris earned a B.A. in Sociology from Eastern Illinois University and then started working as a counselor working with children and families with severe trauma. Chris completed his Master’s Degree in Theological Studies from a Messianic Jewish Yeshiva called MBI, or Messianic Bible Institute, out of Virginia. Chris is also an ordained minister.

More about Jen

Jen’s first love is watching her young sons, Matthew and Andrew, apply the 19 relational brain skills that she has worked so hard to learn the past 20 years.

In addition to increasing joy levels at home, Jen wants to see every mother equipped with the 19 skills. Jen writes a weekly blog demonstrating how the 19 skills and Immanuel Lifestyle continue to transform her marriage, parenting, and relationships. Jen enjoys teaching parents and groups to learn the skills to thrive so parents do not stay discouraged, overwhelmed and hopeless with the strain and challenges parents face daily.

Jen is a THRIVE Trainer as well as the official synchronized dance instructor for THRIVE Training. In addition to teaching mothers the 19 skills at mom’s groups and parenting classes, Jen has a training video called Steps to Joy on synchronized dancing. Jen uses synchronized dancing as a fun way to train nonverbal skills that increase joy and create a group identity.

Connect with Chris & Jen

We would love to hear how we can help you gain the skills you need to thrive!