Helping Others Make Relationships Work

There can be numerous reasons why someone like you ends up on this page, and while we cannot guess the exact reason that led you here, we can guess you care about seeing people have a thriving relationship with God and with the people in their life. We share your concern.
Life is about relationships but many of them don’t work.
The reason they don’t work is that people lack relational skills.
THRIVEtoday trains people in the skills that make relationships work.
Your generosity provides hope and needed skills for discouraged Christians, struggling couples, broken families, dysfunctional churches, and more. With relational skills training from THRIVEtoday, their relationships can work!
Thank you for supporting this vital ministry with your donation! With your support, lives are transformed as people acquire and build the skills they’ve been missing…now they can thrive!
Your donations are tax-deductible because THRIVEtoday is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.


We appreciate you!


Chris & Jen Coursey


Your generosity will help others gain the skills that make their relationship with God and with other people work!

Thank you!