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a partnership

online event

February 16, 2023

In partnership with Life Model Works and THRIVEtoday, we are excited to bring you this online event!

Discover How to Escape Enemy Mode

Join Dr. Jim Wilder and Ray Woolridge, authors of “Escaping Enemy Mode”, and Chris Coursey, author of “The Joy Switch”, for this timely event that will dive into how to begin the escape from the damaging effects of enemy mode. Learn how to stay relational and refriend the people in our lives, beginning with yourself.

Would you like to get faster at:

    • Identifying relational mode and enemy mode in yourself
    • Recognizing the signs of enemy mode
    • Acknowledging enemy mode to people around you
    • Escaping enemy mode and shifting into joyful, relational mode
    • Identifying the signs of simple, stupid and intelligent enemy mode around you?

What to expect

This event will consist of 4 sessions that will each have a short teaching, followed by an exercise or demonstration. There will a brief break between sessions 2 and 3. 

We will add you to a breakout room with other attendees for the discussion times unless you are attending with others who you are with in-person. Note that each attendee needs to register separately unless you are members of the same household or small group and are registering with our household rate. 

Session 1

Recognizing Enemy Mode in Myself | Consistent escapes from enemy mode develop from learning to recognize our own enemy mode. This session provides tools to become more aware of enemy mode in ourselves and others and includes small group discussion.

Session 2

Preparing to Escape Enemy Mode | Escaping enemy mode requires preparation, and we prepare by building some new “whole brain” habits. This session discusses what it looks like to prepare, including stories and examples to get started. This session includes modeling and a role play to demonstrate what preparation looks like in real-time.

Session 3

Escaping Enemy Mode | We can’t escape without preparation, and we won’t escape without joyful attachments to people who are willing to help us. In this session we learn how having joyful identities and strong attachments are central to our escape from enemy mode. We’ll close with an exercise and group discussion.

Session 4

Helping Others Who are Stuck | People can be stuck in enemy mode operation without knowing it. That was some of us also. We help other people get unstuck by teaching them what worked for us. In this session we troubleshoot how to get unstuck, take a beginning look at how to help others, and have a short time for Q & A.

the details

Thursday, February 16, 2023

12 pm - 2:30 pm Eastern / 9 am - 11:30pm Pacific

Early Registration: (Ends 2/9)

    • $39 – Individual
    • $69 – Household (for people living in same home or if you are attending with a small group)


Late Registration: (Ends 2/15  at 9pm)

    • $49 – Individual
    • $79 – Household (for people living in same home)

Event Registration ends 2/15 @ 9pm Eastern Time

Unable To Join the Live Event? 

While we encourage you to join us live if at all possible, if you are not able to attend you can view the event via a recording link that will be sent to everyone who registers.

we hope you join us!