Enhancing Your Counseling With Relational Skills

Join Chris Coursey, THRIVEtoday Co-Founder and President, for a 6-week immersive experience into the inner workings of our relational circuitry and the application the Joy Switch has in a counseling practice.  Together, a cohort of 10 to 12 people who work as licensed counselors, coaches, pastors, or helping professionals will work through The Joy Switch course and book to learn about the specific areas that guide relational connection: Your Attention, Your Thoughts and Feelings, and Your Body.  


The curriculum is full of hands-on practice so you can fully experience the development of the relational skills yourself, which will better position you to help those you serve.


In 6 weeks, you will increase your capacity to help your clients and walk away with more tools and a better lens to help people gain awareness and increased function in their brain’s relational circuitry. What you receive will transform your practice and lay the foundation for increased healing and maturity in every area of your clients’ lives.

For 25 years our President Chris Coursey has been working with families, communities and individuals with severe trauma. Learning brain science, creating brain skill exercises and working with Dr. Jim Wilder has brought clarity for effectively serving and equipping people who are on a journey of recovery. 


Chris is passionate about giving support to counselors and teaching how relational skills can be applied to this important work. Whether you are a licensed counselor, coach, pastor, or lay minister,  there are exciting implications for how we can help people heal.

Cohort Day/Times

Wednesdays, 1:00pm – 2:30pm EST / 10:00am – 11:30am PT

From October 13 – November 17 (6 weeks total)


*Interested, but times don’t work? Email us at kristy@thrivetoday.org to be put on a waitlist for a future cohort.

Each 90-minute Meeting Includes:

  • A teaching from Chris Coursey on the topic of study each week.
  • An exercise activation that Chris will lead you through and coach you on how to use with your clients.
  • Q & A time for Chris to help you troubleshoot special cases in your practice.


Group Requirements:

  • The Joy Switch book and The Joy Switch course – you can read and go through these in advance or work though concurrently with the 6-week cohort.
  • You must actively work or volunteer in the field of counseling, coaching, pastoring.


Cost and Registration

Cohort Cost: $1,200 (Valued at over $2000)

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Registration Includes

Week 1 – Your Attention: Helping Clients Develop Needed Capacity

When we counsel people, their attention is being demanded by their pain, which can be relentless and all consuming. This can be a huge barrier to seeing people heal. However, we can use the relational skills to help clients build capacity to deal with pain and not be overcome by it.

During week 1 you will learn:

Week 2 – Your Attention: Helping Clients Process Pain

In week 1, our focus is helping clients build capacity so they can face their pain without drowning in it. Once this new resilience is in place, you will now be able to shift your focus and help clients recover and get back to joy when they experience pain and negative emotions.

During week 2 you will learn:

Week 3 – Synchronizing Thoughts and Feelings

As counselors, we tend to either focus on thoughts OR feelings. But how can we get both to work together in joy and peace instead of being in opposition to each other?

During week 3 you will:

Week 4 – Catch Up, Review, and Extended Q & A
This catch-up week will allow the opportunity for you to catch up on and review the material covered in weeks 1-3.

During week 4 you will:

Week 5 – The Body: Tuning in to the Brain’s Canvas
Most of us in pain want to escape our bodies because that is where our pain shows up. How can we help people learn to live in their bodies in joy and peace without having to run from it?

During week 5 you will learn:

Week 6 – Putting it Together

In this final week Chris will lead you through final thoughts that bring together all that you have learned. Again, there will be an extended time of Q & A. 

*If you need any questions answered before registering, please email Kristy Harrang at kristy@thrivetoday.org

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