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Saturday, October 28, 2023

1-4PM EST / 10-1PM PST

Join Chris Coursey for a hands-on workshop as he leads you through a new resource on processing emotions, that will:
  • Help you process your own big feelings
  • Equip you to come alongside someone else in their emotions
  • Provide opportunities for hands-on learning and practice!

Do Big Emotions Ever Cause Strain & Disconnection in Your Relationships?

Do any of these feel familiar: 

  • Your emotions seem too much for others to handle, leaving you feeling alone.
  • You struggle to connect with what others feel or want to withdraw when people are upset.
  • You feel unequipped to help someone who is sad, afraid, angry, etc.
  • You want to fix the pain people are going through, only to find that trying to fix it makes them more upset.
  • You tend to dismiss or minimize the feelings of yourself or others, maybe even out of a desire to be positive.
  • You struggle with getting in touch with your own emotions and/or with communicating them to others.
When big emotions are present, it can become more difficult to stay connected to one another and act like our best selves. 
What if instead of emotions creating relational barriers, we could learn the skills needed so emotions are an opportunity to grow closer with the people in our lives?

Workshop details

Saturday, October 28, 2023

1pm - 4pm Eastern / 10am - 1pm Pacific

Early Registration: (Ends 10/13)

$49 – Individual

$84 – Household (people living in same home)


Regular Registration: (Ends 10/27 @ 9pm)

$59 – Individual

$99 – Household (people living in same home) 

Registration ends 10/27 @ 9pm Eastern Time

What to expect

When you join this event you will enter a waiting room and be admitted by our event host. Please be sure to join 10 minutes early so we can review some housekeeping items. 

Sessions 1-3 will provide opportunities for discussion, and sessions 2 and 3 will also include hands-on practice opportunities. Session 4 will conclude with troubleshooting. If we have time, we will take a few questions at the end.

For all discussion and practice portions of the event, you will be added to a breakout room with other attendees unless you are attending with others who are watching from the same screen as you. 

Session 1

Laying the Groundwork | It is hard when we don’t know what to do with what we feel or someone else feels. In this session Chris Coursey lays the groundwork for how to process emotions or help someone else, including the introduction of a new resource to help. You will also discover tips on what not to do and learn the brain science that helps us understand why. This session will include group discussion.

Session 2

Feeling, Sharing and Quieting my Emotions | Being able to manage our own emotions is essential if we want to help someone else. In this session Chris Coursey will lead you through a tool to help you tune into and process feelings so you can gain peace and be best positioned to engage someone else who is struggling. This session will provide a practice opportunity as well as group discussion.

Session 3

Leading Others through the Feel, Share, Quiet Process | In this session Chris and Jen Coursey will demonstrate how to help someone else process through emotions like disappointment or frustration. You will then have an opportunity to practice with the tool provided and to discuss the process with others.

Session 4

This workshop will conclude with troubleshooting tips and answers to common questions.

There will also be a brief time for Q & A.

We hope you join us!

Unable To Join the Live Event? 

We highly recommend that you attend the live event if at all able. However, everyone who registers will receive a recording of this event and have access to it for 3 months.

Keep in mind that the hands-on practice is the most important part of this event, and session 2 requires you to have someone to practice with. So if you are watching the workshop via recording, we highly encourage you to find someone else to go through the videos with.