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Skill 13 – See what God sees

In the pages of Scripture, Jesus promises He will always be with us. Yet, it can feel like He is miles away and we are left all alone. As we navigate the storms of life and face the daunting challenges in our world, we are left feeling disconnected from the help Jesus promises to give us. 

Thankfully, perceiving God’s joy and peace is not simply for the super holy and righteous people in our midst! Instead, this is a learned relational skill we can develop with a bit of time and some intentional practice.

In this 3-session event, Chris Coursey will introduce Skill 13 (See What God Sees), including the theory behind what it truly means to relationally connect to and hear Jesus. Chris will share how this skill goes beyond the traditional concept of prayer and liturgy. This event will change the posture of how we view God and create a new awareness that He is always with us. You will gain hope that no matter what your past experience has been, this lifestyle is available and possible for all of us! 


Friday, September 24
1pm - 4pm Eastern / 10am - 1pm Pacific

Registration Cost:

Early Registration (Ends 9/16):

$39 – Individual

$69 – Household (for people living in same home)

Late Registration (Ends 9/23 at 9pm): 

$49 – Individual

$79 – Household (for people living in same home) 

Registration ends 9/23 at 9pm Eastern Time.

What to Expect

What to Expect

Each session will include teaching with an exercise that you will practice/discuss in breakout groups. There will be a 5-10 minute break between sessions. 

If you are attending this event solo, we will add you to a breakout room with other attendees. Or you can encourage friends from various locations to register and request to be placed in a breakout room together. Groups of 3 are ideal.

Unable To Join the Live Event? Everyone who registers will receive a recording of this event and have access to it for three weeks.