THRIVE Training started in 2001 as Dr. Jim Wilder & Chris Coursey began putting brain theory into practice.

Early Stages

With Dr. Jim Wilder’s and Chris Coursey’s direction, the team designed practical exercises to equip people with relational brain skills that research confirmed could be learned and passed on from a mother to her child. Up to this point, no one knew if an adult could pass on brain skills to another adult.

Armed with the exhaustive research of Dr. Allan Schore of UCLA (whose work has been cited over 14,000 times in scientific literature), Dr. Daniel Siegel from UCLA and more, Wilder and Coursey went to work. Wilder understood the complex brain theory about joy while Coursey lived in a redemptive community as a pastor, so he could test the exercises with people from the fellowship.

Training Begins

Wilder and Coursey put the framework for an event like no other and called it THRIVE Training, the word they felt was the closest to Jesus’ description of the life God offers, mentioned in John 10:10 as, “abundant life.” They proposed that if 25 people signed up by a specific date they would hold the first THRIVE Training in 2002.

The day of the deadline arrived and they were 2 people short of their goal. Before the day ended the phone rang and two more people registered. THRIVE was now a “Go.” The first THRIVE was an unprecedented success. Trainees reported deep transformations and profound healing from the exercises. Many said,“If I knew THRIVE was going to be like this, I would have brought 5 friends with me!”

Thrive Goes Worldwide

Wilder and Coursey knew they needed to take what they learned from the week and run another event the following year. The momentum increased as did the training tracks, from one to four. With each training, the team learned something new so they improved the exercises, sharpened the focus and increased the potency of the training.

At the time of this writing, there have been over thirty THRIVE Training events with people from all over the United States including Mexico, Canada, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Uraguay, Sweden, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland and more. Initially, THRIVE Training combined the teaching, exercises, application, and interaction – all together in one week!

Eventually, Wilder and Coursey made a brilliant change. They separated the curriculum so people could begin learning the material immediately with videos, online courses, books and skill guides.

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