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The need is great

Sadly, the number of people drowning in emotional and mental pain is on the rise.  Countless individuals are feeling disconnected, and without a pathway forward. This is affecting families, communities and the generations coming behind us. But you can turn the tide today!

Donors make this possible!

What your giving will accomplish:

Our world needs the life-changing resources THRIVEtoday offers. We long to see God transform lives, families and communities around the globe. You can partner with us to make this happen!

Every gift you give will result in more:

    • Free Resources such as webinars and skill videos
    • Online Teaching events so others can be educated on why we need the relational skills
    • Online Courses and Classes to train people to grow and sharpen their relational skills
    • Transformed lives, families, and communities!


Help up spread the skills

Continued financial support from generous donors is essential to helping people grow in their relational skills AND receive deeper relational healing and transformation. We can’t do it alone – friends like you make this possible!

Would it bring you joy to help others build relational foundations with a gift of $500, $100, or $50?

If you are interested in joining our monthly giving team, you can learn more at

Stories of Transformation

You can make more stories possible

Would it bring you joy to see more lives like these transformed? You can make this possible through your generosity!