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It’s Never Too Late

Change is always possible

Wendy was introduced to THRIVEtoday and the 19 Relational Skills during an immensely difficult junction of her life. The deep relational pain she was experiencing led to a sense of urgency to receive healing and develop these skills.

She came to realize that her neural pathways from the big negative emotions (fear, shame, sadness, hopeless despair, disgust, and anger) back to joy were not well forged in her early in life. Struggling to recover from these emotions, she instead tried to dodge and escape them.

As a veteran who served as an active-duty military officer, I was further conditioned to “push through” and invalidate emotions in myself and others, so I had much to overcome. I was delighted to learn that it is never too late to forge these neural pathways – what great news!

Building skills at Thrive Premier Training

Wendy began the online course preparation for THRIVEtoday’s Premier Training, and has attended Tracks 1, 2, and 3 with her friend and mentor. As a result of this training and her continued practice of the relational skills,  she is learning how to feel big emotions instead of escaping them, and she is discovering how to return to joy from them, creating new neural pathways. 

I grieved that these skills had not been cultivated earlier in my life, but I moved into this journey carrying the hope that it was not too late. A deepening “knowing” that I am valued, loved and secure in Immanuel has been key to my ability to keep moving forward in the journey. As I have intentionally practiced, and exercised my brain with these skills, my awareness of His presence has increased, each step of the way.

Bringing transformation to international business

As Wendy has healed, she has taken all she has learned and incorporated it into her personal relationships as well as her work in international business. 

I lead global teams in  cross-cultural business. I can tell you firsthand that these skills not only transform our internal experience and personal relationships, but they are also transformative in business leadership.  

These skills now infuse my “internal preparation,” approach, communications and relationships with my treasured Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, agnostic and Christian leaders and team members in India and the United States. For example, I am mindful that my relational circuits (Relational Skill 0) are on for each meeting, so that I am relational, thus able to connect authentically and remember that the person is more important to me than the matters we are preparing to discuss.   

I am experiencing positive shifts in my relationships with my people, and the ripple effect is profound and satisfying. I can testify that these relational brain skills, undergirded by the convergence of brain science and scripture (neurotheology), are embedded with truths that transcend cultural and belief systems.

The fuel for healthy relationships

Wendy’s life beautifully demonstrates that healthy relationships and relational skills are central to all of life. Her own journey of growth has only fueled her passion for the people she serves. 

As an executive, I am charged with being a steward of the business.  Business is built on people, thus relationships.  Business meets the very most basic needs of income for food, shelter, clothing, healthcare, etc. for countless men, women, and children. My passion for business is based on a passion for the people.

When a business leader lacks these 19 Brain Relational Skills, the effect is compounded through his or her people and then strikes at the bottom line of the business, injuring it, thus injuring all who rely upon it for sustenance. It is my responsibility to cultivate these skills and impart them to my leaders, as they open themselves up to learn them.  

I have shared my experience with THRIVEtoday’s 19 Relational Brain Skills primarily in the context of business leadership, but this training can result in saved marriages, and improve any relationship.  

A fulfilling, lifelong journey

While Wendy is spreading everything she has learned to those around her and making a profound impact around the globe, her passion for personal growth and development continues. 

My life is being transformed by this training. Am I consistently proficient in these skills? No! Am I much better with them than a few years ago? Yes! I improve every day. I will be on this journey for the rest of my life and will experience satisfying moments and unsatisfying moments, but I am fulfilled to be on this worthy journey. I am grateful to my amazing mentor, Barbara Moon, who kicked off my journey in learning these Thrive 19 Relational Brain Skills and has walked alongside me every step of the way.

I am convinced that every human being on this planet, regardless of country or culture, would become better able to thrive, enjoy satisfying relationships and give life to others, with the brain training associated with the relational skills taught by Thrive.  

Develop your skills

Just learning about relational skills?  Keep an eye out for our Introductory Course coming out next month!

Looking to go deeper in your skill training? Check out options for the in-person Premier Training that Wendy attended.

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  1. So good to read about Wendy’s relational skills business journey! As a business owner I feel encouraged to continue to look for ways to grow these skills in myself and the people my company employs and partners with. Thank
    you for sharing part of this transformational story Wendy!

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