4 Habits of a Joy-Filled Marriage Webinar Series

Experience More Joy More Often in Your Marriage

5-Part Webinar Series

What separates happy marriages from miserable ones?

Surprisingly, it’s not healthy communication. It’s not conflict resolution skills. It’s actually the size of the marriage’s joy gap.

Joy Gap /joi gap/ (n.)-1. The length of time between moments of shared joy

Healthy marriages regularly produce joy, and joy keeps the marriage healthy.  But this kind of happiness and health in marriage isn’t just for the lucky few who stumble upon it.  It turns out that certain relational skills boost your happiness.  Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey will teach you how to develop those skills and how to:

  • return to joy more quickly after disconnection
  • create stronger bonds and elongate times of happiness
  • boost your enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacy

Anchored in the latest brain science, 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages is a new book giving you insights, exercises, and a plan for keeping your joy gap as small as possible.

Join co-authors Marcus Warner and Chris Coursey in this free 5-part webinar series as they dive deeper into the 4 habits that will help you stay in love.

It's not too late, even if you missed them live!

Shrinking the Joy Gap in Your Marriage (Webinar #1)
Playing Together for a Joy-Filled Marriage (Webinar #2)
Listening for Emotion to Build a Joy-Filled Marriage (Webinar #3)
Fill Your Marriage with Joy through Appreciation (Webinar #4)
Nurturing a Rhythm for a Joy-Filled Marriage (Webinar #5)

You can have a joy-filled marriage and it is easier than you think!