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For a number of years now we offered 2 primary steps in the THRIVE Training sequence. First, people learn and apply the theory in the comfort of their own home. Along with some reading, this “Classroom” step involved purchasing THRIVE DVDs then enrolling into the THRIVE-at-Home online courses.
Second, once the theory and application are complete, it’s time for the fun that takes place during the five-day THRIVE Training. Here is where the transformative, hands-on training takes place. Attending THRIVE Training is the “Lab” where people practice the 19 relational skills in a high-joy, interactive environment. The lab offers what cannot be learned from books, videos, and courses.

Available for the First Time

Up to this point the THRIVE DVD teaching videos were sold separately. Now, for the first time, the THRIVE teachings are embedded and included in the online courses! That’s right. There is no longer the need to purchase the DVDs separately from the courses. All you have to do is simply log in to your THRIVE-at-Home course, then you are one click away from viewing the THRIVE teachings where Dr. Jim Wilder takes the time he needed to talk about the revolutionary brain science and Biblical concepts behind the hands-on THRIVE Training! You save money. You save time. No hassles.

Now, you can easily access this insightful content at a lesser cost than before! Convenience and savings make this material more accessible than ever.

Whether you plan to attend THRIVE now or later, you can enroll in the courses to learn and apply this profound material to your life and relationships.


Course Overview

In the Joy and Quiet Course (Track 1), you will learn how to insert the rhythms of joy and quiet into your life and relationships. This material is the foundation for all of THRIVE Training.
In the Return to Joy Course (Track 2), you will focus on how to recover when things go wrong. Now that you have joy as a foundation, it’s time to look at returning to joy in life and relationships.

The Applied Strategy Course (Track 3) is the final course examining how solutions to pain transform your life and relationships. Discover why pain no longer has to have the final word. This series includes what Dr. Jim Wilder says was one of the most important lectures he’s ever given!


Online Course for Track 1, 2 & 3 (for individuals)  $199.00
Online Course for Track 1, 2 & 3 (for bonded partners) $299.00
Online Course for all three Tracks (for Individuals) $499.00

Online Course for All 3 Tracks (for couples) $850.00

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