Gather some friends and glean new insights as you study the pages of Scripture and discover relational skills in this Online Event!

You and your friends will see how God has used relational connections to move His plan for His people forward. From Adam and Eve, through Israel’s Kings, all the way through the Apostles, the plan unfolds relationally.

Together, you will learn how God brings transformation through relationships, how to build relational connections, and how bonding works.

Amy Brown will guide you through a study of Saul, Jonathan, and David in 1 Samuel. The relational skills will be in plain view and the interactive exercises will increase bonding and joy.

Time is dedicated for Q&A is in the schedule to ensure you and your friends can engage online as well as in your living room or wherever you decide to gather.



Saturday, March 2, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM CT

Saturday, March 23, 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM CT



9:30 AM  Welcome!

9:35 AM  Our Relational God

9:55 AM  God Brings Transformation

10:05 AM Saul & Jonathan (1 Samuel 14)

10:30 AM Break & Exercise

10:45 AM Saul & David (1 Samuel 16)

11:15 AM Break & Exercise

11:30 AM Jonathan, David, and Saul (1 Samuel 18-20)

12:15 PM Q&A


Only $19 per person, individual registration required. No prerequisites are required; you don’t need the book to participate, as the Bible Study in this online event is different from what is contained in the new resource, Relational Skills in the Bible.

Amy Brown is the Journey Groups Director for Deeper Walk International, Trainer for the True Identity track of THRIVEtoday’s relational skills training, and a volunteer and speaker for Life Model Works. Amy is the co-author of Relational Skills in the Bible. She has taught Bible Studies for the last 25 years on the topics of relational skills, intimacy with God, and recovery from trauma and addiction. Her passion is to see the body of Christ exhibit love and wholeness to our very broken world.

Gather friends. Study the Bible. Learn Relational Skills. Online!

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