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Relational skills are built together.

The Online Practice Community provides a deeper dive of practicing the 19 skills through live group training led by a THRIVEtoday Skill Trainer.  Each 3-hour event offers teaching specifically focused on one or two of the relational skills as well as training on how to develop these skills through simple exercises that you can implement in your every day life.  

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We all experience pain and distress at one time or another. But did you know that your brain is designed to process distressing events differently depending on the kind of pain it is? Different pain has different neuro-processes that change the felt sense of the emotion.
Join THRIVEtoday trainer Amy Brown and learn how to intervene where your brain is stuck (Skill 18) in these moments. Discover what brain pain looks like at different brain levels and how to respond to each type of pain in the way that helps most. This skill will not only help you process your own pain, but enable you to help others in theirs.
Aired 7/24/2021

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Would you like to participate in past Online Pracitice Community events via recording? Each of our past OPCs is available for purchase and group use! Grab a friend or two, or a larger group and invest in your relational growth today!