Charles & Dawn Spoelstra

Flex Track

Trainer Bio

Charles G. Spoelstra Jr. has been a counselor and healing prayer facilitator for the past 15 years. He was in his early 30’s when he first began his own personal journey of healing from past trauma through counseling and prayer, and now he leads others to their own discoveries with God. Charles has been the Prayer Facilitator for Life Model and Thrive today for the last few years. 

In 2013, Charles met Barbara Moon and experienced a very powerful healing. Barbara became a mentor for Charles, and taught him Jim Wilder’s teachings. He knew he needed to go to see more transformation in his life, and develop brain skills and emotional maturity in his family, so he and Dawn attended Thrive Track 1 with Ed and Maritza Khouri.

Through the years, they completed all three tracks, and then trained to lead True Identity and Track 1 under mentors like Kitty Wilder, Chris Coursey, and Amy Brown. 

Thrive training has been transformative for Charles, Dawn, and their boys (Leif and Owen). In this community of love, they celebrate years of practicing presence, listening, stories, dancing, laughter, joy smiles and love. In turn, they now share with individuals, couples, and groups, helping others to experience what truly satisfies in relationship.

A part of their journey has been the discovery of physical and emotional health, that has led Dawn to become a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA Essential Oils. Having nurturing as her main heart characteristic, Dawn loves leading others to find natural solutions in their lives. Charles and Dawn both have online communities on Facebook where they share what they have learned. They would love to have you join at: Joyful Identity Group, and Good Sense Oils.