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Thursday, February 15, 2024

12-3PM EST / 9AM-12PM PST

Join Chris and Jen Coursey for a 3-hour workshop that will equip you to share relational skills with others.

Exponential transformation happens when our growth is passed on to others! 

When someone’s life is touched through relational skills, a common response is “How can I share this with the people in my life?” We all want to see our loved ones experience the good things we’ve received, but what if we aren’t sure how to pass on the good stuff? 

You will have time to practice sharing your skills as well as the opportunity to gain God’s perspective for you personally. Experience the satisfaction of sharing the skills you are learning.

You are just the person your family and community needs to spread joy!

Session 1

You Can Do This | This session will provide an encouraging perspective on spreading relational skills. You will receive the opportunity to look at fears or barriers you face, and you will hear from others about their journey in learning to share the skills.

Session 2

Spreading Skills in Everyday Life | Sharing relational skills is simpler than you might think. In this session you will learn ways to naturally share skills within the flow of your everyday life as well as tips for spreading the skills indirectly.

Session 3

Using Resources to Share Relational Skills | This session will focus on tips for using resources to share relational skills with groups or individuals. You will receive creative ideas, as well as a tool to help you gauge which resources are best for different situations.

Session 4

This workshop will conclude with final thoughts and reflections.

There will also be a brief time for Q & A.

Hear from Chris Coursey as he and Kristy Harrang discuss the value and benefit of spreading relational skills!

They talk about a common misconception related to this topic and our desire to support you in sharing the treasure of relational skills with the people in your life.

Workshop details

Thursday, February 15th, 2024

12pm - 3pm Eastern / 9am - 12pm Pacific


$49 – Individual

$84 – Household (people living in same home)



$59 – Individual

$99 – Household (people living in same home) 

What to expect

When you join this event you will enter a waiting room and be admitted by our event host. Please be sure to join 10 minutes early so we can review some housekeeping items.

Each Session will include an exercise, and Sessions 1 – 3 will also provide opportunities for discussion. There will be a brief time for Q & A in Session 4.

For all discussion and practice portions of the event, you will be added to a breakout room with other attendees unless you are attending with others who are watching from the same screen as you. 

We hope you join us!

Unable To Join the Live Event? 

We highly recommend that you attend the live event if at all able. However, everyone who registers will receive a recording of this event and have access to it for 3 months.

Keep in mind that the hands-on practice and breakout rooms are an important part of this event. If you are watching the workshop via recording, we highly encourage you to find someone else to go through the videos with. Remember to have anyone you go through the content with purchase the workshop, unless they are in your household and you paid the household rate.