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Intervening Where Your Brain Is Stuck

Chris Coursey is founder and president of THRIVEtoday. See more of Chris' online features such as podcasts and guest blogs here. The line of traffic was as long as the eye could see. Cars were slowly inching along, and impatient drivers were in a hurry to get nowhere fast. About the time I was regretting drinking that Venti iced coffee my son began sobbing from the backseat. He told us his head hurt. "Buddy, you are dehydrated," we said. "Drink more water." My wife turned toward the backseat to check on him. I[...]

Anniversary Fun

Jen Coursey is the founder and author of the Thriving Mama's Blog and Executive Director of THRIVEtoday. I was standing at a recent conference, behind our resource table, selling books when an attendee began asking questions about our 30 Days of Joy for Busy Married Couples book. It came up in our conversation that Chris and my anniversary was the next day and the attendee’s eyes grew wide and asked, “So what are the authors of the joyful marriage books doing for their anniversary?” I chuckled and respond[...]