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THRIVEtoday is an international training organization made up of people who are passionate about sharing relational tools for healthy, joy-oriented relationships.  With more than 20 years of experience providing training around the 19 relational skills, we are confident that this interactive training transforms lives. 

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Training Your Brain For Connection

When properly trained, the brain is a beautiful expression of connection. A healthy brain effects our relationships, improves our lives, furthers our growth, and creates joyful communities that change the world.

When we all have struggles in how we show up in relationships for ourselves and others.

As humans, we are relational beings from the start. From birth, we are in the world learning different patterns and behaviors to help up show up and find relational connections while staying safe. Because of how we grow up and learn to stay in the relationship, we have gaps in what we know how to do relationally. Personal development and growth is a journey to find health and wholeness in our internal world and allowing that to be reflected in our external world. As we invest in ourselves we can spread our own wholeness to other people in our lives to create whole safe communities. Our brains and nervous are designed to allow this pattern of internal change to spread outward as part of our nature. This is why the 19 relational brain skills work. We strengthen the ones we have and then learn the ones we lack from the others around us.

Skill Strengthening
for Yourself

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Skill Building
in community

Every person needs this

Our purpose is to spread hope that comes from relational transformation. The 19 relational skills are practical attributes that we all need to have a healthy brain. We all know humanity is not perfect, so our brains aren’t either. We provide training and education to strengthen these skills and help people acquire new skills. This can be done on your own or in community. 

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