Our Relational Skills Practice Class offers you a low-commitment and affordable opportunity to practice the relational skills you need to thrive in life
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Kāmi, our friend and now teammate, received an invitation to learn about relational skills and then invited her daughter to learn. As a result, their mother-daughter relationship was transformed as they each received training through a variety of THRIVEtoday resources, including our Premier Training tracks.

Gratitude is a hot topic in our culture, but Skill 4, Create Appreciation,  takes gratitude to another level. When you establish this skill as a regular pattern, you retrain your brain to see life through a new lens and everything begins to change!

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Spreading relational skills

Seeing Relationships Thrive!


Your best life is a joy-filled life! Research shows that joy is found in the context of satisfying relationships. Sadly, joy-filled lives are becoming rare occurrences. All around us, we see people overwhelmed by life – marriages are falling apart, parents are losing connection with their children, and relationships are strained. If you can relate, we have good news!
You can train your brain in the skills that are essential for living the joy-filled life you were designed for on the good days and the hard days.
THRIVEtoday is a non-profit ministry with a dedicated team who are passionate about sharing relational tools for healthy, joy-oriented relationships.
We equip people with relational skills so families and communities navigate relationships well and people become relational stewards who hold up in times of strain and pain.

If you could benefit from stronger relational connection and resilience, we invite you to journey with us!


THRIVEtoday offers you resources and training to build these skills so you can: 

Life is all about relationships

With more than 21 years of experience providing training in the 19 relational skills, we have proved that this interactive training transforms lives and have unshakeable faith that your relationships can improve!

Build your foundation

Our introductory course focuses on the 5 core skills to help you grow your capacity and build muscle mass relationally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Whether you are new to the relational skills or just looking for a refresher, this resource provides simple, yet effective ways to gain momentum in your relational skills journey, so you can increase your capacity and stay relational on the good days and the hard days.

We’re excited to be on this journey with you!