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The Joy Switch is an excellent resource to start helping others. Read and practice the book exercises yourself. Then slowly introduce the concepts and exercises into your practice.

Free Webinar | How can Relational Skills help you and the lives of those you are serving? Applicable for anyone who coaches or counsels others – licensed therapists, counselors, pastors, coaches, etc. 

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Online Course | Chris Coursey will guide you through this common challenge and discuss why most traditional counseling methods are not enough on their own. Relational skills are often the missing key to your clients being able to enjoy life.

With 3 free webinars in this series, we explore how the relational skills might be a missing ingredient to helping you move forward in your healing journey, and look at ways to become unstuck.

Chris Coursey answers questions on how to help others defeat their barriers to feeling the nearness of Jesus. This video is a Bonus Session from our “Defeating Your Barriers to Jesus” online event.

Online Course | Counselors love using these as a resource. Take your clients through a skill practice course and see change!

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What counselors are saying

Our friend Betty, shares how knowing relational skills helps her recover well after hearing hard things.

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View the short videos in our mini series to learn more about the different ways relational skills can impact your life.

Discover the 5 most foundational relational skills and begin learning with our free webinars, theory courses, and practice courses. 

Want to learn about all 19 of the relational skills? Get an overview of each one + resources that cover the specific skill.