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Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if everyone had healthy relationships?  

The quality of our relational connections makes the difference between living with joy and purpose versus loneliness and hopelessness. Sadly, more and more people lack the healthy attachments which lead to the abundant life we are designed for. 

The 19 Relational Skills are key to healthy lives, relationships, and communities. They are often the missing solution to some of our deepest desires and heart-felt longings for ourselves and our families.

Why donors matter

THRIVEtoday is passionate about seeing Relational Skills spread so lives and communities can thrive. But we can’t do this alone! Listen as THRIVEtoday founders, Chris and Jen Coursey, share why monthly donors are such a special and important part of our team.

The Blessing of Being a Monthly Donor

We love to bless our monthly donors, so as part of our RIT team you will receive:

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Do you share our desire to spread Relational Skills and see lives and relationships transformed? 

If it would bring you joy to make an impact through financial giving, we invite you to join our Relational Impact Team and begin making an impact today! 

Stories of Transformation

what other rit members are saying

Since I discovered the relational skills, the transformation in me is undeniable and real. There is nothing more hugely impacting in my entire life than what has happened through cultivating these skills, hands down. I absolutely know that these skills transcend country and culture. Every human would thrive in relationships with the cultivation of them. I remember feeling moved to set up a monthly contribution because I want to put my money where I have a passion. Giving is how I can do that. – Wendy

If you knew how grateful I am, you would get it. I gladly contribute because it literally saved my life and healed my brain and gave me a second chance. My hope is that others would experience Immanuel and the incredible transformation that can happen in moments – that others could experience deep freedom healing and empowering that happens when you know how to keep your RCs on and you don’t fear anything anymore the way you used to because Immanuel is right here with you, right now. – Stewart


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