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Your best life doesn’t just happen. Your best life takes intention and investment.

Did you know that there are key relational skills you need in order to thrive in your life and relationships? Would you like to discover what these skills are, strengthen the ones you have, and learn the ones you are lacking? We invite you to join us for a Thrive Premier Training Event!


Please read through this page to learn more. If you have additional questions, email us at and we would be happy to assist you!

July 14 - 19, 2024

October 6-11, 2024


For 20 years, THRIVE Premier Training has helped people live their best lives. These 5-day immersive experiences were created to carve out intentional space for you to grow more joy, acquire and strengthen relational skills, and spread the ability to thrive in life and relationships. Often participants are leaders, counselors, pastors and teachers, but we believe everyone can learn new skills and spread joy!

Premier Training brings together the foundations of relational skill brain theory with hands-on skill practice. Each training track brings you deeper into practices to share joy, recover from negative emotions, resolve pain and stay connected with God in the good times and bad. The 19 relational skills are an application of the Life Model and available for you to practice today!

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With years of collective experience, we are confident that you are getting the very best in relational skills training.


When you attend THRIVE Premier Training, you will participate in ONE of the training tracks. If this is your first time attending, you will start with either the Flex Track or Track 1.

For Tracks 1-3, you will need to attend with a ‘bonded partner’, such as a spouse, family member, or close friend. Tracks 1-3 build upon each other, so completion of Track 1 and its coursework is a prerequisite for Track 2, and completion of Track 2 and its coursework is a prerequisite for Track 3. 


True Identity will help you develop resilience and maturity through fun, interactive training, resetting your nervous system and changing the way you think and feel. In this track you will learn skills that help your brain work the way God designed it to; in JOY! When your brain is fueled by relational joy, you recover quickly from difficult emotions. You will have increased capacity, confidence, gentleness, and security. Learn to integrate the relational skills into your everyday life.

This track is perfect to attend at anytime in your relational skills journey. Unlike Tracks 1-3, you do not need a bonded partner to participate in the Flex Track. 


  • Eating: using food to build my joy.
  • Resting: flowing in rest in my life.
  • Praying: interacting with Immanuel (the Divine with you).
  • Belonging: keeping relationships bigger.
  • Playing: adding play to my life and relationships.
  • Giving: allowing generosity to grow your heart.


In this first year of training discover the gifts of  joy and quiet. This training is created to strengthen love and attachment in your life.  It is important to recognize that the first year of training in joy and quiet can make people quite aware of the missing love and attachment in their lives. We purposely do not try to provide or create temporary bonds and relationships at THRIVEtoday to fill this need. Our goal is to strengthen existing bonds, so bring someone with you! Building joy can trigger pain if you recently experienced loss or feel lonely.

You will need to attend Track 1 with a bonded partner, such as a spouse, family member, or close friend.

In Course 1 - Joy and Quiet, you will learn how to insert the rhythms of joy and quiet into your life and relationships. This material is the foundation for all of THRIVE Training.


Here you discover how the painful failure to thrive impacts your life and relationships. Failure to thrive means lives spent in pain, fleeing pain, or rigidly avoiding any risk of pain. Track Two requires more capacity from participants. Each participant will need experience with joy and have enough capacity to deal with unpleasant feelings like sadness, anger, fear, disgust, shame, and hopeless despair in moderate doses. We will teach a cohesive approach and introduce simple repair skills. Track Two is for those who have previously experienced the joy practice at Thrive: Track One as well as the Basic Thrive Skills Guide.

Track 2 participants need to have completed Track 1 and will need to attend with a bonded partner.

In Course 2 - Return to Joy, you will learn more about the rhythm of joy and quiet, along with returning to joy from the "big six" negative emotions: anger, fear, shame, hopeless despair, sadness, and disgust.

Required Preparation

Complete prior to attending Track 2:

Prep Course 2 – Return to Joy

The Pandora Problem – Book

The General, The Boy and Recapturing Joy – Book

Mastering Joy and Rest Exercise Guide distributed at Track 1 training

The Complete Guide to Living with Men – this resource is out of print – please email us for a copy


Track 3 is our favorite track because it ties together all of the previous skill training, once you discover brilliant solutions to pain. At Track Three, learn how to clearly recognize and address the painful deficits that result from a desynchronized control center.

Training focuses on how to pass on the skills to others, how to enhance your nonverbal skills and how to distinguish and resolve specific pain at each of the five levels of the brain’s command center. At Track Three, you not only practice the 19 skills but you train attendees in Tracks One and Two.

Track 3 is for individuals who function primarily at an adult level maturity or higher. We carefully designed THRIVE Training to prepare attendees for this level of training after two years of actively building joy, practicing return to joy skills with the big six as well as complex emotions. Your THRIVEtoday Facilitator will train you in mindsight, heart-sight, resolving the five levels of pain, and more.

Track 3 participants need to have completed Track 2 and will need to attend with a bonded partner.

In Course 3 - Applied Strategies, you will learn more about the five levels of pain and strategies to resolve them. You will also learn how to share the 19 relational skills.

Required Preparation

Complete prior to attending Track 3:

Prep Course 3 – Applied Strategy

Relational Skills in the Bible – Book

Mastering Joy and Rest Exercise Guide distributed at Track 2 training.

Joy Starts Here: The Transformation Zone – Available on Amazon or at Life Model Works

Important Note: A THRIVEtoday staff member may call to verify that you are prepared for the training. This telephone call is to ensure your THRIVE Training will be a blessing rather than overwhelming and/or too strenuous. We may check your references as well.



Get a discount by purchasing all 3 prep tracks at once! With 5 years of access to complete the online courses and attend the corresponding THRIVE Premier training.


Email and we would be happy to assist you.