Are you ready to start your relational skills journey? Let’s begin with the 5 skills that are the easiest to implement to begin to see transformation. We call them The Foundational 5.

Build Healthy Connections

To start, your relational circuits need to be switched on (Skill 0). Once that is accomplished there are 4 of our 19 skills that are the most foundational for relational transformation.

We’ve provided a simple pathway for each skill that will lay the ground work for your relational brain to grow. With these capacity-building skills in place, you will find it easier to have healthy and joyful connection with others, yourself and God. 

Get a snapshot of the skill

Watch the intro video.

Get acquainted with the skill

Watch the free webinar.

Understand the skill

Learn the theory and what it looks like to develop the skill in your life with an online theory course.

Be transformed by the skill

Grow the skill with an online practice course and begin to see transformation.

Scroll down or click on the skill button to jump to each section:

Skill 1 - Share joy

Our brains are wired to be glad to be together. Sharing joy is relational and is something we need to feel fulfilled as a human. When our joy levels fade, our pain becomes loud and problems become more important than relationships. Sharing joy must be intentional to train our brains to increase our windows for joy. 

Skill 2 - Simple Quiet

Simple quiet is a purposeful pause. When we seek a moment to catch our breath within a relational dynamic. Quieting is when we can look away to recover from the energetic stimulation we experienced in relationship. 

Skill 4 - Create appreciation

This is what we love to call packaged joy. When we think about the good things our brain responds like we are experiencing it again.  Healthy minds are full of appreciation – appreciation, creates belonging, because we can share the good stuff with other people.

Skill 13 - see what God sees

Seeing people and events from God’s perspective yields a life filled with hope and direction.

View the short videos in our mini series to learn more about the different ways relational skills can impact your life.

Get an overview of each of the 19 relational skills + resources that cover each specific skill.