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Small Group resources

We know that consistent practice can heal and change our brains. Doing this in community is even more important to see lasting transformation.

online practice community

what is it?

The Online Practice Community provides a deeper dive of practicing the 19 skills through live group training led by a THRIVEtoday Skill Trainer.  Each 3-hour event offers teaching specifically focused on one or two of the relational skills as well as training on how to develop these skills through simple exercises that you can implement in your every day life.  

priced for communities

Because the relational skills are best practiced in community, these post-event recordings are sold in group-only packages starting at $50.

We offer discounted rates for various group sizes, please email us if you have a group larger than 4.

Grab a friend or two, or a larger group and invest in your relational growth today!

Where Does it Hurt? Understanding Pain Processing

We all experience pain and distress at one time or another. But did you know that your brain is designed to process distressing events differently depending on the kind of pain it is? Different pain has different neuro-processes that change the felt sense of the emotion.

Join THRIVEtoday trainer Amy Brown and learn how to intervene where your brain is stuck (Skill 18) in these moments. Discover what brain pain looks like at different brain levels and how to respond to each type of pain in the way that helps most. This skill will not only help you process your own pain, but enable you to help others in theirs.

Aired 7/24/21


Did you know that your maturity level has more to do with your relational capacity than it has to do with your age? The reality is we all have gaps in our maturity, and many of us are at a maturity level that does not match how old we are. The good news is that we can close these gaps and grow toward a maturity level that aligns with our age!

Aired 5/22/21

be your best self; Navigating complexity

Life brings about complex situations and emotions. However, our truest self is steady and peaceful. Join THRIVEtoday trainer Amy Brown and discover how we can live as our truest self (Skill 12), even when life is difficult and emotions are BIG (Skill 19). Let’s get our GPS aimed for joy and peace!

Aired 4/17/21

You've Got Style: Your Relational Style

Each one of us has a pattern to our relational interactions. Join Amy Brown for this Online Practice Community and learn more about yourself as she teaches on the different relational and attachment styles (skill 17). Discover how your relational style can become more grounded in love as you grow in your relational skills. Let’s learn to be relational with style!

Aired 2/20/21

Heart Values: Discovering the Gold in You!

God has designed each one of us with deep heart values that shape who we are and what matters most to us. Join Amy Brown in this Online Practice Community and learn how your unique heart characteristics actually represent specific facets of God’s character within you. You will also learn how situations that cause you the most pain can actually help you better become aware of and understand your own heart values (skill 6). 

Aired 1/16/21

Building Trust: Attune vs. Overwhelm

Trust is foundational in all healthy relationships. However, many of us are missing some key trust-building skills.

In this training you will learn how to take a breather and tune into the relational cues of others (skill 9). You will also find out how to take quiet times with others (skill 15) to strengthen your bonds and deepen trust. As you grow these skills, you can protect yourself, others and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Aired 12/5/20

Returning to Joy When Emotions are High

Do you lose your sense of ‘being glad to be together’ when difficult emotions enter the scene? What if your negative emotions could bring you closer to others rather than drive you apart? Joy is the sense of being glad to be together, but we need training to learn to get back to joy when we experience negative emotions. In this event you will learn to return to joy (skill 11) and deepen your bonds.

Aired 11/14/20

Storytelling for Better Relationships

Our brains learn best from stories and examples. This event will help you develop skill 7 (telling synchronized stories) and skill 10 (telling nonverbal stories). You will learn the way to tell stories that will pass on relational skills and improve your relationships. With practice, telling stories “the 4+ way” will become part of your everyday life!

Aired 9/19/20

Bonds - True Connection Changes Everything

Bonds form the foundation for life, using God’s hesed love. In this Online Practice Community you will learn how weak bonds can be strengthened and how true bonds enable us to walk in love, even with our enemies. This event covers Skill 3 (Form Bonds for Two) and Skill 5 (Form Family Bonds).

Aired 8/22/20

Knowledge of Good and Evil: Choosing Not to Choose

The false perspectives and stories we hold can create unhealthy responses to love in our life. In this event you will develop skill 14 (stop the sark) by first learning to examine “sark”, the inner voice that is only concerned with itself, and then learning how to access the inner voice of peace and relationship. You will receive practical tools and exercises to help you become more aware of the sark and live the most relational life possible.

Aired 6/20/20

Creating Child-Like Rest

Rest and Quiet are more than taking a nap or reading a book alone. This event focuses on skill 2 (soothe myself) and will train you how to utilize quiet as a key component to relational health. Learn how to create micro-rests while in conversation and how to enter a state of rest after moments of joy and negative interactions. Gain skills that will help increase your self-awareness in relationships, as well as your ability to sustain joy in your life.

Aired 5/16/20

High Altitude: God's Perspective

There are times when we long for a change in circumstance, but what we really need is a change in perspective. This THRIVE training focuses on Skill 13 (See What God Sees) and will help you develop the ability to see circumstances and people through the eyes of the divine. Shift the lens you look through and gain a new understanding of who Immanuel is in our life.

Aired 4/18/20

Joy and Play like Little Children

Discover how to create a lifestyle where joy is your default and play is easy! Your brain is hardwired for play and scientists now know what you knew as a little child – play is good for you! This training focuses on skill 1 (Share Joy) and will teach you how to create joy in environments where joy may not be possible and how to integrate play into every part of your life. Joyful play isn’t just for little kids, it is for everyone- our spiritual and emotional health depends on it!

Aired 3/14/20

Be a Gentle Protector

Relational circuits (Skill 0) are a specific part of our physical brain that, when functioning and working, help us feel connected with people. In this training, learn how to create more awareness of when our relational circuits are dimmed and how to move into protector mode when you notice weakness in others.

Aired 2/22/20

True Identity

This training focuses on Skill 4 (Appreciation) and Skill 13 (See What God Sees) and will help you build a foundation of understanding how we are created for relationships. You will learn how these skills can transform our identities and relationships. Begin to transform how your brain is wired and your everyday interactions with the people you love.

Aired 2/1/20

relational building blocks series

Building My Joy

Joy, quiet and appreciation are skills that will transform you and your people. This event will provide you with simple, effective ways to build God’s rhythms of joy and quiet into your life.

Fully alive in joy

Maturity means reaching our God-given potential, becoming the life-giving people God created us to be in our particular stage of life. When we build a community committed to equipping all member with the skills that are appropriate to our age, joy and peace increase and relationships flourish.

Knowing God's Heart

Connection with Him, seeing circumstances through His lens, and recognizing how our flesh distorts our viewpoint; these are the skills that will allow you to walk in joy and peace at all times.

Knowing Myself

We are created in God’s image, and each of us is designed to display Him to the world in very specific ways. In Knowing Myself, you’ll begin to recognize your heart values and how to develop them into maturity.

Transforming Our Bonds

God has provided us with skills that transform our weak or fearful bonds into healthy, joyful, and loving relationships. Staying connected during relational challenges is a game-changing skill for you and your people.

Responding to Life's Pain

Maturity means reaching our God-given potential, becoming the life-giving people God created us to be in our particular stage of life. When we build a community committed to equipping all member with the skills that are appropriate to our age, joy and peace increase and relationships flourish.