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How Do the Relational Skills Address My Biggest Problems?

Watch our mini series – a growing collection of short videos to show the different ways relational skills can impact your life.

Life is a beautiful gift! But let’s face it – it also comes with challenges. The good news is that developing strong relational skills can make a huge difference no matter what difficulty or problem we are facing. Not only do they enable us to build resilience and capacity, they will help us to better troubleshoot life’s problems and stay relationally connected to others along the way.

What are relational skills?

We discuss how relational skills can help with many of the challenges we face in life. But before we can know how the skills can help us, it is important to understand what they are. Let’s take a step back for a discussion on what these crucial brain-based skills are all about.

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How Capacity Helps Us Thrive

We address those in helping professions, such as counselors, ministers, or coaches, and discuss the topic of capacity and how it can help your clients heal.


In this segment of ‘How The Relational Skills Address My Biggest Problems’, we address the all too common issue of anxiety and the unique solution THRIVEtoday offers to help you overcome it in your life.

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overwhelm and heaviness

So many of us often feel heaviness and overwhelm. With the summer approaching, we hope you enjoy this conversation with Chris Coursey about how the relational skills can lighten your load and help refuel you.


Discover how developing brain-based relational skills can make all the difference in your marriage journey!


Discover how developing brain-based relational skills can make all the difference in your parenting journey!

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Learn how developing relational skills can make all the difference in your spiritual journey!


All of us have times when we need healing from life’s wounds. But even with the best tools, and the investment of time and money, we can still get stuck along the way. Learn how developing key relational skills might be the missing ingredient to moving forward in your healing journey and receiving the breakthrough you have been longing for. in your spiritual journey!

Building Connection during the holidays

Nov-Dec | This time of year is supposed to be all about being with loved ones and relational connection, but for many of us it brings a mixed bag of joy and pain. The busyness of the season, relational struggles, and even feelings of loss can make building connections feel challenging, if not outright impossible.

Chris shares tips for how you can build connections in the midst of obstacles you might be facing.

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We answer the questions: What are relational skills? Are they relevant to me? How will they impact my life?

Discover the 5 most foundational relational skills and begin learning with our free webinars, theory courses, and practice courses. 

Want to learn about all 19 of the relational skills? Get an overview of each one + resources that cover the specific skill.

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