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Past online events

We know that consistent practice can heal and change our brains. Grab your spouse or find a friend and learn together.

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When someone’s life is touched through relational skills, a common response is “How can I share this with the people in my life?” We all want to see our loved ones experience the good things we’ve received, but what if we aren’t sure how to pass on the good stuff?

Join Chris and Jen Coursey for a 3-hour workshop that will equip you to share relational skills with others.

In partnership with Life Model Works and THRIVEtoday:

Join Dr. Jim Wilder, Ray Woolridge, and Chris Coursey as they dive into understanding and escaping enemy mode, the brain state that explains many struggles affecting our lives and communities. Learn how there is hope for what we are facing, and how the solution begins with us.

Chris Coursey will guide you through this common challenge and discuss why most traditional counseling methods are not enough on their own. Learn how relational skills are often the missing key to your clients being able to enjoy life.

Chris Coursey will lead you through the steps you can take toward defeating the barriers that are keeping you from feeling close to God, along with simple exercises you can put into practice.

Chris Coursey will lead you on the journey of understanding the inner workings of anxiety. He will shed light on the different ways anxiety shows up along with simple solutions you can put into practice. You will come away with practical steps to build your emotional capacity, which will strengthen you to overcome the anxiety you feel. Learn to develop the skills you need to find traction and avoid spinning your wheels in the future.

SKILL 0 THEORY COURSE | In this training on the theory of the Joy Switch, THRIVEtoday Co-Founder and President, Chris Coursey, will teach you practical tools for not only recognizing your triggers but how to turn your joy switch back on. 

SKILL 1 THEORY COURSE | Join Chris Coursey for a simple course on the theory of what joy is. Learn why it can feel so difficult to attain and hold onto, and discover keys to building joy in your relationships. Originally aired live, this course is focused on theory with a little bit of practice sprinkled in.

SKILL 2 THEORY COURSE | Join Chris Coursey for a simple course on the theory of what quieting is. Learn the theory behind this skill and why it is so crucial for your emotional and mental health. You will discover how to assess your own ability to quiet and how to become more aware of when you need to quiet. Additionally, you will come away with tools for identifying and troubleshooting problems along the way. Originally aired live, this course is focused on theory with a little bit of practice sprinkled in.

SKILL 4 THEORY COURSE | Join Chris Coursey for a simple course on the theory of appreciation. Chris will share the brain-science theory behind how appreciation has the power to transform your thoughts and life. You will discover specific triggers that might be keeping you stuck in negative thinking and come away with simple ways to develop and spread new life-transforming thought patterns that can soon become second nature! Originally aired live, this course is focused on theory with a little bit of practice sprinkled in.

SKILL 13 THEORY COURSE | Join Chris Coursey for a simple course including the theory behind what it truly means to relationally connect to and hear Jesus. Chris will share how this skill goes beyond the traditional concept of prayer and liturgy. Originally aired live, this course is focused on theory with a little bit of practice sprinkled in.

THRIVING MARRIAGE DATE NIGHT 1 | Communication is one of the top challenges in most marriages. However, much like an iceberg, good communication involves more than the words we use. It’s the nonverbal elements behind our words that pack a punch.
In this first Date Night, Chris and Jen share about communication from a new perspective. Join us for a fun evening as they share simple techniques that will be game changers for your communication. Learn to tell the difference between when words help and hurt. This evening will fill your marriage tool-box and leave you feeling energized and connected.

THRIVING MARRIAGE DATE NIGHT 2 | Wait a minute, it’s actually possible to stay relationally connected during conflict? Join Chris and Jen for a in-depth look at what it means to keep the relationship bigger than the problem and learn the biggest factor that will determine how well you will be able to resolve conflict in your marriage. This evening will provide teaching and exercises that will bring a deeper peace and connection in your home. The best part: much of what you learn can be used for resolving conflict almost anywhere!

THRIVING MARRIAGE DATE NIGHT 3 | We’ve all heard the phrase, “give and take,” and many wives might say, “I give, he takes.” But what if the marriage dance we need to do isn’t give and take, but joy and rest? Learning and implementing these key elements into your marriage make for an easy give and take that both spouses can enjoy.

THRIVING MARRIAGE DATE NIGHT BUNDLE | Join THRIVEtoday founders, Chris and Jen Coursey,  for 3 at-home date nights!
Each date is fun and fantastic on its own, but you’ll get the most out of it (and a bundle discount) if you can attend all three nights.
Date Night 1 – Overcoming Pitfalls of Communication
Date Night 2 – How to Have Relational Conflict
Date Night 3 – Understanding Your Marriage Dance 

This has been a stressful season for all of us: pandemics, politics, not to mention the tensions and challenges we face in our own homes! We have the answer to breathing and coming out the other side of these difficult and stressful times.

Join Chris as he shares critical insight into how our brains function in times of crisis and what to do about it. You will have the opportunity to practice skills to help you build resilience and relational health no matter what your circumstances.

#momlife is hard – and even harder now in this pandemic season! With more to manage than ever before, moms are maxed out. Listen, learn, and be with other moms who are sharing their hearts and strategies about how to find and spread joy. We’ll be sharing tools to help you enjoy your family more and ways to help you find refreshment in the midst of the chaos. This is a time of rest, relaxation, and renewal for you to be restored in your mama heart.

NOTE: This Post-Event recording is available for group purchase. Please only share video and handout links with the number of people that you have purchased for. Thank you!