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THRIVEtoday president Chris Coursey has been featured online giving interviews and spreading joy all over the internet!

Whether podcasts, interviews, articles or book reviews, we know you’ll find encouragement as you explore his online appearances.

About Chris M. Coursey

For over 25 years THRIVEtoday president Chris Coursey has been using the Life Model to work with families, communities and individuals with severe trauma. Learning brain science, creating brain-based exercises and working with Dr. Jim Wilder has brought clarity to effectively serve and equip people who are on a journey of growth and recovery. 

Chris is passionate about giving support to counselors and teaching people how relational skills can be applied to the important work of walking with people so they reach their God-given potential. Whether you are a licensed counselor, coach, pastor, or lay minister,  there are exciting implications for how we can more effectively use relational brain skills to help people heal, mature and grow.

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