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Our online course platform is designed to give you the best of the science behind relational skills and the practice that helps you grow the skills. We offer a variety of course sizes and topics to meet you where you are at in your skill journey. 


Get a discount by purchasing all 3 prep tracks at once! You will have 5 years of access to complete all the online courses and attend the corresponding THRIVE Premiere training. 

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Practice courses

Gain the relational skills that you  need to strengthen. These courses are designed with hands on practice that actively changes your brain and your ability to connect in relationship.  

While we believe all 19 of the relational skills are vital, here are 5 foundational ones that are a starting point for the remaining 14 to grow from.

sKILL 0- RElational circuits

Based on the book The Joy Switch, take a deep dive into the relational circuitry in your brain. Through practice you will begin to become keenly aware of the moments when your relational circuits shut down and learn how to get back to your sweet spot