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Our online courses are designed to give you the best of the science behind the relational skills AND the practice so you grow the skills. We offer a variety of course sizes and topics to meet you where you are at in your skill journey. Check out the main categories below to learn more, or head to our course platform, Thinkific: 

Skill Practice

Skill Theory

Foundational 5

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Online Courses Focused on Skill Practice

Why Skill Practice?

Unless someone modeled a specific relational skill for you on a regular basis while you were growing up, the skill will not magically appear the moment you become aware of it. Relational skills require time, practice and intention to develop. Here is where the online practice courses can help!

At THRIVEtoday we train in skill practices so you find a clear path forward to develop skills in your life. The exercises are strategically designed to rewire your brain for building relational connection and growing in emotional and mental strength. Just like we must lift weights over and over to strengthen our muscles, relational skills require regular, repetitive practices to grow and develop!

Each course has 3 versions of the same base content. The ‘Habit Builder’ is our full course, followed by the ‘Find Your Rhythm’ and ‘Taste’ courses – designed for different budgets and capacities.

THRIVEtoday’s Habit Builder courses are designed to provide a collection of skill practices that create new, life-changing habits. These practice courses are focused almost entirely on practice, with just a touch of theory. In each Habit Builder course, Chris Coursey leads you through a series of simple exercises that, when practiced with repetition, will create new connections in your brain and provide a foundation for building and maintaining relational connections where you recover from unpleasant emotions, and live with a sense of peace and stability.

PDF Workbooks, downloadable and ready to print to help you navigate the course.

12 relational skill strengthening videos with Chris Coursey. Each section includes a teaching and 3 practice exercises.

16 coaching videos + 16 instruction videos with THRIVEtoday President, Chris Coursey

Access to a course discussion board to interact with others going through the course.

THRIVEtoday’s Online Find Your Rhythm courses provide a simplified version of our Habit Builder Courses. These include the same skill strengthening videos from the related Habit Builder course, but they do not include the additional coaching videos. These courses are a good fit for someone who is looking to develop new rhythms in their life but they are not quite ready to dive into the extra coaching from Chris.

Our Taste the Skills courses provide a sample of our Habit Builder courses. They include one practice video from each of the 4 Habit Builder sections, giving you a taste of what it looks like to intentionally practice relational skills. These budget-friendly courses are a great fit for anyone interested in building their skills, who would like to see the practices in action before making a bigger investment.

Online Courses Focused on Skill Theory

Why skill theory?

We teach the theory behind the relational skills to help you better understand how your brain is designed as well as the science behind the skills we train. Learning skill theory will enable you to better, 1) understand why relational skills are needed, 2) recognize skills in real life, and 3) identify missing or undeveloped skills that need attention. All of this will position you to gain the most out of the skill practices!

Originally aired as LIVE paid online events, we put them on our course platform to give you future access.

Prep courses for our Premier Training events, featuring our most in-depth teaching. Each containing over 5 hours of content from Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris Coursey, focusing on the brain theory behind the skills so you better understand what the skills are all about. For anyone who wants to dive deep into relational skill theory. 

These courses contain the same content as the Premier Courses, but they are formatted differently in order to fulfill CE requirements. 

The foundational 5

Originally paid online events, these short courses are based on the 5 skills which make up The Foundational 5. Perfect for anyone who wants to better understand what the skills are about, and how they work. Including:

    • Teaching: With a focus on the brain-science theory so you better understand why the skill is important and can identify it in your own life.
    • Practice: The exercises provide a jumpstart to strengthen the skills so you can grow.
    • PDF Download.

practice with others

Join us as we go through the Skill 0 Relational Circuits Habit Builder Course step by step. Grow your ability to recognize what it feels like to be in relational mode and get back to it when you fall out.

Our next group starts March 1st!

The Joy Switch

Based on the book The Joy Switch, take a deep dive into the relational circuitry in your brain. Through practice you will begin to become keenly aware of the moments when your relational circuits shut down and learn how to get back to your sweet spot.

thrive premier training bundle

If you are attending a THRIVE Premier Training event soon we have a great offer for you – bundle all 3 prep courses and save! You will have full access to all 3 courses for 5 years. If you already purchased one and want to upgrade to the bundle to save money, please contact us.

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