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Shrink the Joy Gap in Your Marriage

Saturday, March 26th; 9am – 4pm 

Early Registration (ends March 10th) – $99/Couple

Late Registration (after March 10th) – $129/Couple

We are on a mission

every person needs this

At the Thriving Marriage Event, you practice strategic exercises designed to help you rest, bond, heal and grow. You will also engage in a variety of creative activities to take you to the next level in your marriage relationship. You will train your brain so you better tell stories that improve how you communicate and connect with your spouse. You will identify attachment styles so you better synchronize and attune with each other no matter the circumstances or topics. You will experience Immanuel healing so you better perceive the active presence of Jesus in your life and marriage.


This event increases joy to make your marriage thrive. THRIVEtoday will equip you with skills that change bad habits and remove painful patterns all the while helping you build joy and make positive changes to your character that last. You create safety and leave a legacy when you live according to your values.

Attune Better



Perceive Jesus More


Train your brain for connection

When properly trained, the brain is a beautiful expression of connection. A healthy brain effects our relationships, improves our lives, furthers our growth, and creates joyful communities that change the world. Join us today.

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