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From YouTube with our hour-long webinars, to the podcast and encouragement through blog posts, there are lots of ways to learn about relational skills for FREE!

Below you’ll find a curated selection of our favorite PDF downloads shared over the past few years. Perfect for printing, they encourage practice – the best way to grow your relational-skill-muscles.

Learning Resource Menu

We celebrate that God has helped us create clearer on-ramps to introduce people to what relational skills are.
The learning menu outlines our main resources based on price and ‘appetite’ to help you more easily find free and low-cost beginner on-ramps (samplers and appetizers).

You are invited!

Holiday Connections Bingo Board

Keeping joy levels high over the holidays can take a bit of strategy sometimes – we hope you enjoy these ideas we put together to help you build connections over the holiday season.

Watch a short video from Chris Coursey on this topic.

Thanksgiving Appreciation Exercise

A free exercise you can use during any Thanksgiving with your friends and family, in person or from afar.

Let us be grateful for every relationship we hold and every gift we receive. May you experience joy with those around you.

Holiday Peace Toolkit

The holidays can be a time for slowing down and finding more quiet and rest, but it can also be a season of travel, parties, family gatherings, and relational stress. Here is a free gift to help you bring strategy to maintaining your internal peace.

In this video, Kristy explains how to use the download and how to implement it in your everyday life.

4 Steps to Meet Your Kid in a Meltdown

Being a kid is hard. And at times, being a parent is even harder! Based on the book, The 4 Habits of Raising Joy-Filled Kids, by Chris Coursey, download this guide with 4 steps you can take to find calm during kid meltdowns. 

Holiday Peace Toolkit

Based on the book, The Joy Switch, by Chris Coursey, our popular assessment will help you recognize whether your relational circuits are on or off! This is the first step towards deeper relational connections with the people in your life.

Chris walks you through the assessment in this 20-minute video.

Looking for more?

Discover our books that promote relational skill education and growth.

Our introductory course focuses on the 5 core skills to help you grow your capacity and build muscle mass relationally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

View the short videos in our mini series to learn more about the different ways relational skills can impact your life.