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strengthening relational foundations

As time marches on, it becomes more apparent how much our world needs the life-changing resources THRIVEtoday offers. We long to see God transform lives, families and communities around the globe. You can partner with us to make this happen!

Donors make this possible!

Here are some highlights  of what generous donors made possible in 2021:
  1. New resources for the Foundational Five Relational Skills, including 5 new free webinars.

  2. 7 new Online Skill Practice Courses! These courses provide the training ground for everyone to strengthen their skills by practicing exercises at their pace.

  3. A free video series of short teaching segments that provide vision and hope for how Relational Skills can address our biggest challenges in life. 

  4. Major revamping of the THRIVEtoday website! This change makes it easier for people to find the resources they need and has led to a 200% increase in website engagement!

  5. Two new book releases, resulting in dozens of interviews along with increased awareness of relational skills. This has led to new opportunities to meet with leaders in churches and schools, helping to identify and fill in relational gaps in their communities.


Help up spread the skills

In 2022 we are excited to continue to help people grow in their relational skills AND provide resources that enable people to build upon their existing foundations and go deeper into relational healing and transformation!

However, continued financial support from generous donors like you is essential for us to continue creating and spreading these resources. We can’t do it alone, and friends like you make this possible.

Will you consider joining us to help others build relational foundations with a gift of $500, $100, or $50?

If you are interested in joining our monthly giving team, you can learn more at https://thrivetoday.org/rit/

Stories of Transformation


You can make more stories possible

Would it bring you joy to see more lives like these transformed? You can make this possible through your generosity!