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Foundational 5 Group

June 10 – July 8, 2024

4:30pm PT | 7:30pm ET

Join us this Summer for 5 weeks and find practical solutions to everyday problems.

Life Can Feel Hard

Many of us are experiencing increasing levels of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, irritation, or a sense that something is missing. When life challenges feel bigger than we have the capacity to handle, our relationships suffer and we can struggle to find satisfaction in life. 

A Satisfying, Joy-Filled Life is Possible!

If you desire to live a life marked by joy, peace, and relational connection, even when life gets tough, we have good news! You can build your capacity and emotional reserves to remain steadier and more joyful by developing a handful of skills, which we call “relational skills”. No matter what life challenges you face or which areas you would like to grow in, these simple skills can make a big difference!

The Foundational 5 Group will help you on your journey toward real life transformation by taking you through the Foundational 5 Introductory Course with a facilitator. Every week you will review the 5 foundational skills you can develop to grow your capacity.

Join us as we learn together and practice how to:

  • Become more aware of your relational state.

  • Build joy with others.

  • Calm yourself from big emotions.

  • More naturally look for and appreciate the good in your life.

  • Connect with Jesus and gain His perspective on your life and the world around you.

Developing these foundational skills takes practice and intention, but the benefits are well worth it! 

What's included?

  • 1-year access to The Foundational 5 Introductory Course
  • Five weeks of 75-minute online group sessions led by a trained facilitator. Each session covers one of the Introductory Course Lessons and will include:

An overview of the skill being covered that week.

A skill assessment.

1-2 exercises to practice the weekly skill.

Group discussion in breakout rooms.

Review of an example of this skill in scripture.

Weekly Schedule

The details

Length: 75-minute Zoom call, weekly for 5 weeks.

Mondays: 7:30 – 8:45 pm EST / 4:30 – 5:45 pm PST

Cost: $53. To enquire about group or family rates, email Note: Only available for groups who view the classes together from 1 screen.

How to Enroll in the Group: Click the link and purchase the course. You will receive your Zoom link and other important details, upon registration.

Registration Deadline: June 7, 2024

HAVE YOU ALREADY PURCHASED the Foundational 5 Introductory Course?

Please email us at for a $5 discount.


  • Can I miss a session, and will they be recorded?
    • If you need to miss one session that is okay. But to get the most out of the group it is best if you can attend most/all of them.
    • We have not decided if these will be recorded or not, so we cannot guarantee that you can review a missed session via recording.
  • Is there a benefit to joining this group if I have already purchased the Foundational 5 Introductory Course?
    • Yes, definitely! The content in the Intro Course is valuable no matter how many times you go through it. But this group is an especially great idea if:
      • You purchased the Intro Course but didn’t go through all of the content.
      • You went through the content but would like to be able to better understand the different skills and continue your practice.
      • You want people to practice the exercises with.
  • I’ve been practicing relational skills for a while already… would this group benefit me?
    • Yes! It might largely be a review for you, but it never hurts to review these foundational skills. The practice you will get in the group is always helpful because maintaining our skills requires that we continue to practice them.
  • Would this be a good fit for a small group?
    • If you want your small group to join this weekly group with us we recommend you each purchase the group course individually, or if you’re gathering together in one room each week, please email us for pricing options.
    • If you are curious how it would work for you to take your own group through this course another time, it would be great for you to join us and see it modeled!