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THRIVEtoday has many offerings for individuals  who want to transform their ability to connect with others.  We know that consistent practice can heal and change our brain. These 30-60 minute teachings provide the foundational understanding of relational skills. 

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1pm Eastern  / 10am Pacific

When we interpret events  through the lens of our world, life can look grim and depressing. We long to experience hope and peace, but it might feel like they are impossible to attain given the problems we face in our own lives and see all around us. But what if a simple shift in your perspective on life and circumstances could drastically improve your levels of stability, forgiveness, and hope?

Join Chris Coursey for this free webinar and learn about Skill 13 (See What God Sees) and what it means to view life and events through God’s eyes. Discover signs that can tell you what is driving your own personal perspective, and come away with beginning steps for developing an daily interactive connection with Jesus that will enable you to live life with a clearer sense of His perspective as you walk through life.

Note: The webinar will be recorded. Everyone who registers will receive access to the Live event as well as a link to the recording one day after the webinar. Feel free to share this free webinar with others!