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Welcome to our growing library of free webinars! These 30-60 minute previously-live teachings provide a foundational understanding of relational skills.

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Aired: May 2, 2023

Do you know the simple yet powerful habits that can increase your joy and satisfaction in life? Many people tend to think of joy as a nicety, not a necessity. Yet modern brain science has revealed that joy is the very fuel on which our brains are designed to run. So how do we live a joy-filled life? You’ll get to learn a fun acrostic to remember the 4 habits you can use to grow your joy. You’ll also get to hear some stories and practical examples from the authors and how they have applied these things to grow joy in themselves and those around them.
Watch the webinar with Dr. Marcus Warner (Deeper Walk International) and Chris Coursey (THRIVEtoday) as they discuss their new book and talk about how essential it is as part of the 4 Habits series.

past webinars

This webinar explored common problems we all face and how we can better handle and even thrive in challenges and disappointments. Discover a surprising answer that will lead you to a more joy-filled, transformed life, and hear Chris Coursey’s recommendations on how to get started.
Is ‘Enemy Mode’ a real thing? And why should I care? Life Model Works and THRIVEtoday collaborated to bring you answers! Join Ray Woolridge and Chris Coursey for this webinar filled with stories of people escaping the different types of Enemy Mode.
This webinar was followed up with the online event “Discover How to Escape Enemy Mode”.

Join Chris Course for a discussion on some of the reasons God can feel distant, especially in this current season. Receive hope that things don’t need to stay where they are and next steps for moving forward.

This webinar was followed up with the online event “Defeating Your Barriers to Jesus”.

A discussion on finding peace in turmoilJoin Dr. Jim Wilder, Chris and Jen Coursey, and Michel Hendricks as they address the questions so many are asking in these traumatic, turbulent times. They will lead you through a practice exercise to find peace and God’s perspective, and you will learn relational solutions for navigating the circumstances that we are facing. 

Join Chris Coursey and Michel Hendricks, Director of Life Model Consulting and author of “The Other Half of Church”, as we discuss the purposes and benefits of THRIVE Premier Training. Learn about the different training tracks offered and hear answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

PART 3 | In part 3 we focus on Skill 4 (Create Appreciation). Chris Coursey will provide hope as he shares what could be a missing piece in your journey, and unpack why this skill is so much more transformative than most of us realize. Learn how a lifestyle of appreciation is a gift that can shift everything in your life and bring you to a deeper level of healing and wholeness.
PART 2 | In part 2, Chris Coursey shares about a hidden gem that could make all the difference in your healing process. Learn how Skill 2 (Simple Quieting) can help you get unstuck, heal in greater ways, and sustain the healing you have received. 

PART 1| Chris Coursey shares how the relational skills might be a missing ingredient to helping you move forward in your healing journey – why we often get stuck, and how practicing 2 specific relational skills can help facilitate you getting free from wounds of the past.

Anxiety is becoming increasingly common in our world – we all experience racing thoughts, feelings of restlessness, and irritability from time to time. When we get stuck in these symptoms, it can greatly diminish our ability to thrive in our lives and relationships.
Learn how the Relational Skills can help you as a counselor and transform your practice and the lives of those you are serving.
This webinar is applicable for anyone who coaches or counsels others – licensed therapists, counselors, pastors, coaches, etc.

Learn about Skill 13 (See What God Sees) and what it means to view life and events through God’s eyes. Discover signs that can tell you what is driving your own personal perspective, and come away with beginning steps for developing a daily interactive connection with Jesus that will enable you to live life with a clearer sense of His perspective as you walk through life. 

Learn about Skill 4 (Create Appreciation) and why it makes such a big impact in our lives. Discover the signs that this skill is present or lacking in your life, and come away with simple strategies to begin developing a lifestyle of gratitude today!

Typically emotions are experienced with little effort. But the ability to find a place of peace and calm is a skill that must be learned and developed. Join Jen and Chris Coursey as they discuss Skill 2 (Simple Quiet), and why this skill is more important than you might realize. Come out of this time knowing the signs you might lack this skill and key steps to start strengthening it.

Is it possible to experience joy when you feel anything but happy or joyful? Join Chris Coursey for this 30-minute webinar as he discusses how true joy differs from happiness. Discover how joy can transform your brain and your relationships and learn the key to building more joy in your life starting today. This event covers Skill 1 (Share Joy), and will build on last month’s webinar on “The Joy Switch”.

The Joy Switch | Learn how your brain’s secret circuit affects your relationships and how you can activate it. In this free 60-minute session with author Chris Coursey you learn the basics of living relationally for your brain and relationships. 

Learn more about The Joy Switch.

Balancing Belief with Friendships; how do we do this? Many of us have strong opinions about life, politics, religion and more, but how do we learn to keep relationships bigger than problems while we navigate this terrain? 

Politics are no laughing matter these days. They have become more than just a hot-button issue, and the political landscape has grown into something many of us fear, dread or despise. Even the most resilient among us can feel stressed and angry!

Learn about the 5 skills you need to stay in relationship – and navigate this difficult terrain with those who hold different views than you. Hear how fear can cloud anyone’s political perspective. Find solutions for the tension that makes the healthiest brains lose their cool. 

Does Jesus really want us to rest? Rest is an important rhythm of living that helps us stay connected and find more joy. Join Amy Brown as she shares how we can train our brains to better disconnect in the midst of our busy lives. Learn how to use this skill to grow your capacity to weather the storm of our current circumstances.

How can we navigate the many changes happening in our homes with closed schools and stay-at-home mandates? Join Jen Coursey and two THRIVEtoday moms as we share parental tips for fostering a positive environment in our home and creating rhythms for our children to help the days run smoothly. We will also talk through how to help our kids connect with Jesus in this season and how parents can implement self-care so we can remain relational in the midst of stress or challenges.

How can we as believers reflect God’s peace to a fearful world? In this free webinar, Amy Brown will look at this balancing act – how to access God’s peace, then meet others in their fear without dismissing their feelings or falling into fear ourselves. Never before has the skill of seeing life from God’s perspective been more important!

There is a peace that passes understanding, and our world needs us to share that peace now. Join us to learn a simple 1-2-3 process to spread peace in your community and beyond

PART 2 | At THRIVEtoday we define Skill 1 (Share Joy), as being glad to be together. Join Jim Wilder and uncover why joy can be so hard to create, discuss whether joy is a choice or our brain’s condition and learn 3 simple steps to create more joy in your everyday life.

PART 1 | Join Kitty Wilder as she discusses positive and negative high energy emotions. Kitty will share some brain science behind these emotions as well as some stories that demonstrate how we can navigate them in healthy ways.

Join Jen and Chris Coursey with a panelist of couples discussing how the 19 relational skills have impacted their marriage. In one hour you will learn the basics of success in marriage through developing simple skills that you can put into practice immediately. Learn the basics of storytelling, learning to see your spouse as Jesus does, as well as improving skills of capacity and rest.

Negative emotions are, well, negative! We don’t like experiencing them. In this webinar we discuss the “low energy” emotions of shame, sadness, hopeless despair and disgust. Kitty Wilder shares her insights and experiences about how to stay yourself and return to joy from these negative emotions.

Many of us look forward with anticipation to the holidays! Just thinking about them can bring back warm memories of special times with family and friends. However, many of us approach the holidays with mixed emotions. Holiday gatherings have the potential to be times of joyful connection and celebrating meaningful traditions with people we love. But for some of us, the holidays can be some of the loneliest times in the year. For others, the holidays can seem overwhelming due to the increased pace of life as well as some of the relational difficulties we encounter. We discuss what you can do to prepare your heart to not just survive but to thrive this holiday season.

From the very beginning, God’s children have been fighting fear. In the Garden, Adam and Eve hid from their Creator instead of running to Him for help. Fear is one of the greatest weapons in the adversary’s arsenal to rob us from enjoying God’s presence and hinder us from reflecting God’s character. Fears are the arrows that poke holes in our joy balloons! Fears deprive us from reaching our full, God-given potential.