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Habit builder groups

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Are you hungry to learn and grow in the context of community? We have found that people learn best when practicing with others. Habit builder groups provide the opportunity to sharpen your relational skills while connecting with peers who are also eager to grow.

Practice any of our relational skills and grow your capacity (aka your ability to remain steady and act like your best self in the midst of life’s ups and downs). Real life transformation happens as you grow your relational skills and challenges feel easier as your capacity grows.

Why practice groups?

We interviewed previous Habit Builder Course purchasers and discovered that many found it challenging to progress through the material without someone to practice with. Our online skill practice groups offer community and weekly practice sessions with like-minded people.

“When I tried to go through the courses on my own I felt frustrated because every time “sharing” was suggested, I would not know with whom. It is a great difference to be able to do these exercises together! …I am grateful for joyful times of sharing and the experience of building meaningful connections.” – Birgit

Awaken your best, relational self this Fall!

10 weeks | starting September 11 and 12

Our Skill 0 Habit Builder Group gives you the opportunity to grow your ability to recognize what it feels like to be in ‘relational mode’ and get back to it when you fall out.

As you gather with like-minded people, you will also discover that you are not alone in the joys and struggles you face on your journey with Jesus. 

With 2 group options you can pick the one that works best for you!

Registration Deadline Sept 8th, 2024


This Fall’s group specifically focuses on strengthening Skill 0 – Relational Circuits, which is the foundation to healthy relationships and emotions. You will come away better able to assess your own relational state, combat enemy mode, and stay relationally connected to God and others. As you practice you will discover how this one skill can positively affect all of your relationships and relational interactions.

Come and join us as we practice exercises and learn how to:

  • Increase the awareness of your relational temperature.

  • Learn how to switch your relational circuits on.

  • Get back from Enemy Mode when you can’t engage with those around you.

  • Establish grown habits for your relational brain.

This Habit Builder group will equip you with practical tools so you can develop Relational Circuits as a skill, and will provide an online community to grow with.

What's included?

This Spring we are running 2 group options that will run for 10 weeks. During the practice group our THRIVEtoday facilitators will lead you through the Skill 0 Relational Circuits Habit Builder Course step-by-step with your group over Zoom. You’ll watch the videos and practice the material together for 60 mins each week.

The cost includes 1-year access to the course + online group forum + weekly LIVE Zoom meeting with your community of people going through the course at the same time as you!

Weekly group video call + Access to the course discussion board to interact with each other.

PDF Workbook, downloadable and ready to print to help you navigate the course.

12 Relational Skill Strengthening Videos with Chris Coursey. Each section includes a teaching video and 3 practice exercises with videos.

16 Instruction Videos + 16 Coaching Videos with Chris Coursey

Print the syllabus for your group and follow along.

If you have to skip a week or two, don’t worry! Keep going and jump in on the next one.

the details

Length: 1-hr Zoom call, weekly for 10 weeks.

Cost: $129 (payment plan available at checkout). To enquire about group or family rates, email Note: Only available for groups who view the classes together from 1 screen.

Recommended Prerequisite: This group is a practice group and does not include teaching on the skill of ‘Relational Circuits’. If you are newer to relational skills we recommend you watch our Skill 0 Theory Webinar before attending. 

How to Register: Click the link for the group you want to join and purchase the course – it’s difficult to switch groups after purchase so please be sure you’re selecting the correct group. Your facilitator will be in touch shortly after purchase.

Registration Deadline: September 6, 2024

Wednesdays: 7-8pm EST

Sept 11 – Nov 13, 2024


Thursdays: 2-3pm EST

Sept 12 – Nov 14, 2024

What to expect

Each week you will sign on to our Zoom meeting through a provided link. 

Participants are invited to join 15 minutes early for a time of connection and discussion led by your facilitator. This is encouraged, but optional.

Once the official group begins, your facilitator will lead you through exercise videos and steps from that week’s Habit Builder lesson. Discussion steps will occur in breakout rooms with other participants. 

Each meeting will conclude with a “Noticing Practice” you can do during the week to apply and develop what you are learning.


What are others are saying?

Our friend James is one of many who have benefited from these groups. He shares:

If I had taken just the self-paced video course, I would have missed something important… I learned that we all needed practice at the things that were new, and we had someone to share the experience with.

The leaders are very humble and set the tone for the course. I was very encouraged to be open, and to have an attitude of learning and trying.


I get excited about the prospect of working on skills.  However, doing it solo significantly lessens the joy factor for me. Having a group with a leader like Dana has been useful for me in pursuing this habit of Godsight. There is an energy that comes in hearing other people’s stories, as well as sharing my own.”


“When I tried to go through the courses on my own I felt frustrated because every time “sharing” was suggested, I would not know with whom. It is a great difference to be able to do these exercises together! …I am grateful for joyful times of sharing and the experience of building meaningful connections.”


“I’m SO glad I signed up for your facilitated THRIVEtoday  Appreciation Habit Builder Class this summer. I used an activity with a friend, from last weeks’ story exercise about gifts given and received that has given me great starting points for conversations with others in the community where I live.


“I just finished the habit builder skill 1 group. It’s like the best kind of accountability partner. It reminds me of what’s really important, and it gently invites me into simple steps toward becoming the person God is calling me to be. And then, if I want, I get to share about how those steps went – or didn’t!”


We are loving the course and are already seeing massive changes. We take time each evening to practice with each other. What I have noticed is how the layers of the day reshuffle around the Good.”


“I mentioned in our group that I was new to these concepts. I recently read The Joy Switch and realized that in order to experience the power of appreciation fully, I needed a community. One of our group members replied that community completes the circle of appreciation, and I agree completely. Experiencing the habit of appreciation in community has truly deepened for me the power of this practice. Thank you for leading our sessions!”

Did you register for the practice class?

Receive a $15 coupon for this Habit Builder Group when you register for the practice class on August 17th.

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