Plug in with a practice group!

Add much-needed joy, connection and God’s peace into your Fall!

Join a group of like-minded people who want to deepen their ability to live with God’s peaceful presence. Practice interactive exercises and plug into the nearness of Jesus as you join a Skill 13 Godsight Habit Builder Group and go through Chris Coursey’s new course step by step.

Choose between 2 identical groups to best accommodate your time zone:

Practice with others!

Why a habit builder group? People learn the best when practicing with others. We’re excited to release our newest skill practice course – Skill 13 Godsight Habit Builder – to help lighten your load and strengthen your skills. Join one of our upcoming groups and go through the new course weekly with others who are hungry to grow this skill too.

What's included?

There are 2 groups to choose from that both run for 12 weeks. This Fall we split the groups into 2 sessions due to the busyness of the season – 6 weeks in the Fall, and continuing for 6 weeks in the New year. During the practice group our THRIVEtoday facilitators will lead you through the NEW Skill 13 Godsight Habit Builder course (releasing the beginning of October) step by step with your group on Zoom. You’ll watch the videos and practice the material together for 60 mins each week.

The cost includes 1-year access to the course + online group forum + weekly LIVE Zoom meeting with your community of people going through the course at the same time as you!

Weekly 60 min group video call + Access to the course discussion board to interact with each other.

PDF Workbook, downloadable and ready to print to help you navigate the course.

12 Relational Skill Strengthening Videos with Chris Coursey. Each section includes a teaching video and 3 practice exercises with videos.

16 Instruction Videos + 16 Coaching Videos with Chris Coursey

Print the syllabus for your group and follow along. If you have to skip a week or two, don’t worry! Keep going and jump in on the next one. The forum is always available for group discussion.

The Details:

Length: 1-hr Zoom call weekly (6 weeks in the Fall + 6 weeks in the New Year)

Cost: $179 (payment plan option available at checkout)

How to Register: Click either the Wednesday or Thursday link below and purchase the course – you’ll be automatically added to that group and your facilitator will be in touch!

Registration deadline: October 5th, 2022

Have Questions?

Testimonies from our summer group:


“I mentioned in our group that I was new to these concepts. I recently read The Joy Switch and realized that in order to experience the power of appreciation fully, I needed a community. One of our group members replied that community completes the circle of appreciation, and I agree completely. Experiencing the habit of appreciation in community has truly deepened for me the power of this practice. Thank you for leading our sessions!”


“I’m SO glad I signed up for your facilitated THRIVEtoday  Appreciation Habit Builder Class this summer. I used an activity with a friend, from last weeks’ story exercise about gifts given and received that has given me great starting points for conversations with others in the community where I live.

Then last night at dinner with some acquaintances I briefly mentioned sharing “gifts given/received ” stories in the recent Appreciation class. I asked if I could briefly repeat the Christmas gift story I shared in class (about 2 minutes). Then I invited each of them (a couple) to think about a gift story, outlined the principles of emotional anchoring for the memory. Later in the dinner each of them shared a story about a gift given to or received from the other in years past. What a sweet fellowship time we had.

Click either the Wednesday or Thursday link below and purchase the course – you’ll be automatically added to that group and your facilitator will be in touch! Registration ends Oct 5

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