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Narcissism and Healthy shame

Michel Hendricks is a co-author with Jim Wilder of The Other Half of Church. He helps churches and ministries bring the transformation of character back into the center of what they do.Our brains are designed to metabolize emotions. Shame is one of the six big emotions with dedicated neurological circuitry (that is, sadness, anger, fear, shame, hopeless despair, disgust). In the healthy case, shame gets digested through relational attachments—through hesed. For example, if you see me do somethi[...]

Three, Three and Three

For Couples: Taken from The 4 Habits of Joy-Filled Marriages Page 99 by Dr. Marcus Warner and Chris M. Coursey  Here is your opportunity to practice the exercise that transformed my marriage and led tosome really good sleep. While holding hands or cuddling, take turns practicing the following steps. Be sure you both practice the first step before moving on. Include daily examples for each appreciation step if possible.Appreciation from my day: Share three highlights from your day.Appreciation f[...]

Year-End Giving Tips from THRIVEtoday

By Jeff Newburn, Certified Financial Planner® and Treasurer of THRIVEtoday THRIVEtoday is a non-profit ministry, and as such we rely heavily on the generous donations of others, especially those who have been blessed by our ministry.  Might God be putting this on your heart?This time of year, many of us consider year-end giving.  As you pray about this, here are some things you may want to consider. Cash Donations The economic consequences of COVID-19 have been very different for different people. [...]

Skill 0- The Joy Switch

I remember the time my wife Jen was holding our screaming son when he was a baby. His brother grabbed his favorite toy, and he was having none of that. He lost it. He was crying loudly. This was a magnificent tantrum! Jen quickly offered comfort by pointing out the toy he thought was gone was already returned and within reach. If only he would open his eyes to see what was happening! Jen’s words did not resolve our son’s distress.  If we could scan the two brains in this interaction, we would see an int[...]

Immanuel Joy: Calming our Anxieties

This exercise is designed to increase joy and generate feelings of peace. Thinking about the good stuff helps you feel peaceful and relational. Once relational, you remember special “God moments” from your life then interact with Immanuel. The goal is to remember the good stuff, feel the good stuff, then share the good stuff with others. Learn more about this 3-step sequence in the Share Immanuel booklet with Dr. Jim Wilder and Chris M. Coursey as well as , The Joy Switch by Chris. Packaged Jo[...]