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Our ministry is based on the culmination of years of research and putting relational skills into practice and we love sharing this life-changing material with you. Please honor it by abiding to the copyright perameters below.

Disclaimer & Fair Use Statement

We are excited to see you benefit from THRIVEtoday resources and it is our hope those in your sphere will benefit as you spread what you are learning.

We also desire to honor the developers behind these resources as this is how they put food on their tables. If you would like to share or incorporate this resource into your family, work or ministry, please take note of the following allowances:

Printing Allowances

While we encourage you to print a copy of this material for your personal use, please do not copy the content for individual third parties for their personal use, even with the acknowledgment of us as the source of the material, without written permission from THRIVEtoday.

Content Sharing Allowances

Sharing what you learn through our training and resources with friends and family is wonderful! The skills are supposed to be passed on to the people in your life. We ask that when sharing any content, you note the following guidelines:

    1. While we believe it is very rare for anyone to plagiarize intentionally, we ask that you be careful to not present our material as your own, even if you are providing the material free of charge.
    2. You have permission to use or share from one of our resources (e.g. an exercise or excerpt) so long as you:
      • Use just one or two short exercises or excerpts (300 words) vs. an entire section, and
      • Reference the resource it is from, including any original permission listed in the resource and direct people to to learn more.
      • For online courses, permissions change depending on the course type. Refer to the specific course page to see which permissions are covered in regards to sharing content for that course. See our online courses here:
    3. If you desire to use our material, resources, or concepts beyond point number 2, we ask that you email us at to discuss your situation. We are excited to see you share these resources, but, depending on your level of use, we might create a personalized agreement documenting what content you will be using, the context for your usage, how you will point people back to THRIVEtoday and provide royalties (if applicable), and how we might partner with you and point people to the work you are doing.

THRIVEtoday is an application of the Life Model and we encourage you to contact Life Model Works if you have questions about any material you use from them: