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Chris & Jen Coursey

Thrive Training Developers

Trainer Bio

THRIVE Training has always played a key a role in Chris and Jen’s relationship. The fun started in 2000 when Dr. Jim Wilder started mentoring Chris. Due to the increasing number of people requesting Life Model training, Wilder and Coursey created a training package that would put the Life Model theory into practice. It was during this time Chris, while working as a pastoral counselor for a recovery ministry, met Jen and the two quickly became friends.

In 2002 the first THRIVE Training event took place as an experiment of sorts. Wilder and Coursey knew THRIVE Training was unique and unlike anything that had been tried before. They also understood that there is no shortcut to character building so people needed strategic, hands- on training to produce lasting change. After the first event it was clear the training surpassed Wilder’s and Coursey’s expectations. The combination of strategic brain training with the presence of Jesus transformed people and relationships. Attendees walked away saying, “If I would have known the week was going to be like this, I would have brought 5 people with me!” THRIVE Training was the start of something new, bold and transformational.

Without people realizing it, the first THRIVE Training event is where Jen achieved the impossible. Jen convinced Chris to participate in the synchronized dance training. Up to this point Chris carefully avoided the group activity, even though the group training would soon become a favorite for participants, even for Chris. Chris and Jen soon recognized God’s hand as well as the sparks between them, so years and numerous trainings later, they continue to run and oversee THRIVE Training events as well as a number of weekend trainings. Chris and Jen use the nineteen skills every day including training leaders and groups in the nineteen brain-based relational skills. The Courseys cannot help but share what God has done to dramatically change their lives, character and family!

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