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Ed & Maritza Khouri

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Trainer Bio

Ed Khouri

For more than 40 years, Ed Khouri has worked with substance abusers and their families in diverse settings. Serving as a pastoral counselor, trainer, and writer, Ed’s work has encompassed outpatient counseling, jails, transitional housing for homeless addicts in all phases of residential treatment. He even provided daily supervision for all therapeutic services and staff in a 96-bed state-licensed substance abuse treatment program. 

Today, as an experienced trainer, Ed leads workshops in churches and ministries worldwide, equipping workers to serve hurting men and women in their own communities. He regularly trains and collaborates with ministries including Thrive Today, The International Substance Abuse and Addiction Coalition (ISAAC), and Youth With A Mission’s Addictive Behavior Counseling School. 

Ed has a B.A. in Behavioral and Social Sciences and began his Master’s Program at the University of Florida. Ordained in 1988, he is the president of Equipping Hearts. 

Maritza Khouri

Maritza’s clear calling and joy is to help restore the lives of women and their families after the devastation caused by substance and sexual abuse, trauma, and painful family relationships. She has been serving the addicted since 1989 and began full-time counseling in 1996. Maritza applied her extensive experience to aid women in outpatient therapy. After starting and leading successful church support groups for men and women, she left private practice in 2004 to begin serving the international community through the ministry of Equipping Hearts. 

Her service to women in recovery took a new form that same year when she became a Life and Recovery Coach, founding Recovery Seminars, LLC. In this role, Maritza serves as a mentor to women who have completed intensive therapy and are moving forward to the next stage of their life and recovery. Through her work with Recovery Seminars, she also provides training and curriculum development services for the addicted community, as well as the ministries and professional organizations that assist them.

Through her work with Equipping Hearts and as the director of Recovery Seminars, Maritza has become an international trainer—equipping, encouraging, and networking men and women around the world to more effectively serve the needs of those who hurt.Ed

Ed’s works, fulfilled by Humble Shack: