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Statement of Faith

“THRIVEtoday is an expression of The Life Model, and as such we share the similar goals and observations” – Chris Coursey

Our Goals

    • We equip people with the skills to thrive.
    • We equip existing and emerging networks.
    • We equip people who were going to do the work anyway.
    • We build a model that aims at the ideal not the usual.
    • We teach only the things that changed our lives.
    • We correct and prevent violence, addiction and trauma by teaching people to know God and love each other. Our efforts are not limited to helping people who like us and agree with our beliefs.
    • If someone or some group’s theology or character is weak and failing we help them draw close to God rather than to attack them. We will do this at the risk of being seen with the wrong people.
    • We want to speak a language people understand. Things that are true and produce real effects can be expressed in a variety of different languages. When helping people change it is best to start with a language they understand.
    • We don’t make the wounded carry the strong.
    • We do not let The Life Model replace sound doctrine.
    • We don’t create false dichotomies between believing truth and experiencing reality.
    • We strengthen the church rather than replace it. As a para-church ministry Shepherd’s House strengthens existing pastors.
    • The Life Model is intended to develop character and bring healing.

Our Observations

    • Practicing God’s principles make the people around us more alive.
    • There are enough good things to be done for us all to participate.
    • Most people are happy to be life-giving until it requires suffering on their part.
    • Belief does not form character directly. A change in belief is often the last step in the character formation process and this gives the illusion that a change in belief alone produces a change in character.
    • Maturity grows best in multi-generational communities.
    • The Life Model propagates relationally not conceptually.
    • Healing may be instantaneous but learning skills and building capacity require time and practice.
    • Joy is a necessary agent for lasting change in relationships with God and with others.
    • Giftedness and education do not equal maturity.
    • It is who you know and love that counts.
    • Most fallen leaders we have examined had excellent categorical theology, knowledge and beliefs that neither caused nor prevented their falls.
    • Most people do not grasp the importance of things that are missing from their lives.