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Dana & Pam Bryan

Track 1

Trainer Bio

Dana and Pam met in 1973 while attending bible college. He was a vocalist with a double major in bible and music. Dana asked Pam to be his full time accompanist! Music ministry led to marriage in 1978. Dana became Music Ministry Director/Worship Pastor (Pam as accompanist) of churches in Florida, Canada, California, and North Carolina. But in 2003, the Bryans followed a calling to plant a church. God led them to the inner city of Charlotte, NC, with Dana, now pastor of the church plant. He soon began a quest for discipleship material “that worked”. Ministry in the inner city brought awareness of the enemy’s foot hold there. They sought out deeper training in spiritual warfare. Through that avenue they heard about Jim Wilder’s unique discipleship ministry based on neuroscience, theology and spiritual warfare.

“In 2012 we attended Thrive Training Track #1 in Peoria, IL. We thought we were going to accumulate information to take back to those to whom we were ministering. We quickly realized on the first day, this conference was designed for us! We needed change. Our marriage needed joy; and our lives needed quiet. The transformation in us has made a difference in our marriage, our family, our ministry and friendships. We were in the transformation zone!” 

They came back from the conference to a church family who wondered if they’d stepped into a brain cult! However, by watching the results of the practices modeled by Dana and Pam, the church family gradually began to come alive with interest. (One said, “Your marriage is so different now!”) Dana also introduced relationship skills and maturity levels. Folks began experiencing joy through a life of appreciation! In 2021, one of the three elders joined one of Dana’s Journey Groups. He caught it! He began to value the Life Model training, championing it on the Sundays he taught at church. 

Now 20 years later, that inner city fellowship has transitioned into a hybrid house church with folks in person and joining on Zoom. Having the church family gather in their home satisfies the heart Jesus gave Pam to create environment so that important, authentic, timely words can be shared. Dana’s pastor heart of hesed (faithful, reliable love) offers loyal compassion for those God brings his way. Pam and Dana each host Journey Groups (see on Zoom and in person. Dana also facilitates THRIVEtoday’s Habit Builder Groups

Dana and Pam have five adult children, (two married into our family), one sweet granddaughter, age 3 and three grand dogs. They reside in Waxhaw, NC, a suburb of Charlotte.