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Our main mission at THRIVEtoday is educating the need for relational skills and how they change lives. Our hope is that our blog would provide an easy place to start your journey with the skills.

With education in mind, we created three categories that all of our blogs fit in:

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Skill Practice


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Immanuel Joy: Calming our Anxieties

This exercise is designed to increase joy and generate feelings of peace. Thinking about the good stuff helps you feel peaceful and relational. Once relational, you remember special “God moments” from your life then interact with Immanuel. The goal is to remember the good stuff, feel the good stuff, then share the good stuff with others. Learn more about[...]

We are THRIVEtoday

We are THRIVEtoday

Our purpose is to spread hope that comes from relational transformation. The 19 relational skills are practical attributes that we all need to have a healthy brain.

Anniversary Fun

By Jen Coursey- Founder and Author of Thriving Mama's Blog and Executive Director of THRIVEtoday.  I was standing at a recent conference, behind our resource table, selling books when an attendee began asking questions about our 30 Days of Joy for Busy Married Couples book. It came up in our conversation that Chris and my anniversary was the next day an[...]

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Current Location

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